Looking for Love

Hey there, ladies, I'm a studly navi that just got in town and lucky for you, I'm single. I have long green hair that I let blow in the wind and magic hands that will drive you wild. Right now, I'm in ACDC net and looking for that special someone. If bad guys attack, you can rest assured that I'll protect you with my life.


P.S. My netop's hiden somewhere in ACDC Town because he likes to be mysterious and is a nerd like that.

P.S.S. Sorry all you guys out there, but I don't swing that way.
Um... I'll send my navi as soon as possible after I fix this frickin' popcorn machine.

<RRH.exe is currently riding a Spikey>
I'm recycling my navi's topic to request some more help. Right now, my navi and Sin's are waiting to take the Planeswalker Test. However, we need a third navi to help us out. If you're interested, reply here and head on down.


P.S. Being a girl isn't a requirement this time.
So . . . . . y-y-y-y-you n-n-n-n-need a navi for this P-p-p-planewalker exam? M-m-my navi will help but I have a money issue now and I a-a-a-a-am currently in an important a-a-a-a-assingment for med school. Just a precaution, my navi can be . . . . . . quite interesting to say the least


Well, um, whenever you're ready, just join us in the Colloseum. I can give you a loan. We're in Arena B for the exam.