Trent's Transation Thread

A pale blue light lit the netways of the Trains system jacking in Trent and Sasha, both looking around the area curiously. Sasha had never been to the internet city before, and Trent hadn't been to this section. Trent started moving with Sasha in tow, the large dogs head nearly reaching to the waist of the tall fighter. The dog was nearly as long as Trent was tall as well. The two of them together undoubtedly looked intimidating together. Trent followed the signs for the entrance points to the other net, allowing Sasha to sniff and explore some.

Sasha never let Trent get to far away from him, the dog kept a constant watch and vigil over the area, his eyes darting and his ears listening. Although he was very curious to explore, he paid more of his attention to watching out for Trent. Trent made note of this and smiled at it, but also decided a hand signal for when to relax and enjoy the scenery would be a good idea for Sasha.

The portals were in sight now, with Trent unsure where the best starter place for Sasha would be. Luckily, before he could even ask, Mark chimed in with an answer. "Head into Yoka. We haven't been there and we are well equipped to handle the viruses there."

Trent took steps towards the portal and motioned for Sasha to follow, even though the dog was cautious at first. Once Trent stepped in and disappeared though, Sasha wasted no time barreling through the portal at high speeds to ensure Trent's safety.

{To Yoka Net}
Trent and Sasha descended into the netsquare in the least flashy manner possible. Trent held he hand down low before Sasha, keeping two fingers extended, a command that Trent had been working on for Sasha. He was still trying to teach Sasha on only hand signals for the time being, vocal commands would come later. Sasha hugged close to Trent's side, pressing against him with his large bulk. He was on the defensive as they progressed through the square.

They made their way over to the Sharo Gate, one that Trent was all too familiar with, and one Sasha was about to get acquainted with really fast. The dog had a large protective coat, which should help in the cold. As they made their way to the gate, snow dotted the area. Once at the gate, the ground was covered in snow. Sasha, at first, approached the gate with extreme caution the oddity of the temperature change being foreign to him. As Trent pressed onwards, so Did Sasha, and they entered the Sharo network.

{To Sharo}
In a flash of Light Trent and Sasha were both in the netways. A solid thud emitted from the beam as it struck, dropping the large navi and his equally large dog off. They walked forwards into the square, taking a few moment to observe the digital lights below their feet, and the Mr. programs busting about around them. Plenty of normal navi's were out in the square today. Trent marched forwards, his stature making him stand out like a sore thumb in the crowds. His was making his way to the netvegas portal, Sasha hugging close and tight on his left side. Sasha was on guard keeping his head low, ears up, and eyes moving. Trent smiled at the image as he kept moving.

Upon arrival to the network gate Mark normally gave some reminder words, some simple 'don't forget this', or 'do this lines'. This time there were no words. He was still on the edge with the pairs recent luck. It didn't take many things going wrong at once before Mark lost his mind. This was just enough it seemed. With a deep breath the two stepped through the NetVegas gate.

{To NetVegas}
After taking flight from the Recruitment Kiosk and landing in a further part of Internet city, the pair awaited their instructions from Mark and where to go further. The giddy operator was taking his time in opening and discovering the place of meeting, basking in every second of the moment. There wasn't a shadow of a doubt in his mind that Trent would make it into the Bloodhound. Mark knew how Trent's mind operated and worked, how it ticked. As nice of a guy as Trent could be, he had a strong survival drive and desire to keep on living. Even if the mission required the deletion of the other two navis, he knew that Trent would carry through. Mark did enough the duality of his navi a good bit, because on days of business, Trent would do as needed; and on off days the two could at least slightly enjoy each others presence....slightly.

Trent overall didn't enjoy Mark's company, even more so now that the rings are drawing much closer to being a reality once more. At least he had Sasha. The two awaited the net address for the homepage in a quiet solitude, the rest of the net world that was bustling around them faded away by their own overwhelming thoughts. They sat nearby a virtual fountain, the water effects a lovely, but mostly unregistered, ironic effect. Sasha's worries were a lot more focused than those of Trent's. The dog just wanted to see Trent happy again, and emotion that wouldn't be shown for a while. All the same the adorable large white dog proceeded to bite and nip at the hand of the navi.

"Got it," Mark said with a cheerful tone. He pointed out the direction for Trent and Sasha to head, which they did so without a second thought. Soon Trent lay at the opening of a net portal to transport him wherever he might need to go. Mark entered the ip address for PantheonMan's homepage, and in a flash, the two were off.

{To the Cult of Zeus Homepage}
Trent and Sasha landed in the Netsquare area quickly and quietly. Trent landed quietly for the same reason as usual, it was how he was used to operating. But Sasha wasn't nearly as calm on his feet as his owner was, the white dog normally placed its feet down with much more solid of a thud than the soft sounds Trent was picking up on. Trent looked down to see his faithful dog and didn't see him at first. It wasn't until he looked down even further than usual that he saw his dog. A much smaller version of his dog that is. Mark had briefly mentioned some new GMO's for the pair. Poor Sasha clearly got the short end of the stick on this one. The tiny puppy stood not much higher than Trent's shins, a large change from his upper thighs that the dog was accustomed to seeing.

Sasha stumbled around in his new form, sometimes unable to balance his own massive head. When Sasha started walking in one direction if he leaned his head to far left of right, his body would unwillingly follow the motion just to keep from tipping over. And his feet! His feet were so large now that if he were to look down while walking they would hit him on the nose. Sasha sat on the ground and whimpered slightly. The aww's from Mark were no comfort and the chuckles from under Trent's breath made it no easier either. The dog was seriously distraught over this change. That was, until, some other attention was sent his way. Female navi's from the square would give the same reaction as Mark, having a far great confidence booster than Mark.

"Trent, I am going to load up one of your new GMO's as well, lets get to Hades, you will see it when you arrive through the portal."

Trent and his puppy peeled away from the group of adoring fans and made their way to the Hades portal. He got a good few looks from taking such a small puppy into such a dangerous place.

{Jack into Hades Net}
{Puppy.GMO Active on Sasha}
{Jaguar.GMO Active on Trent}