A faint stream of water appeared on the floor of the netsquare, pooling into a two foot wide puddle from which a helmet emerged. And, soon enough, the rest of Illusionist as well.
Alright, to ACDC. It's got the basic viruses we need to keep earning cash, so until we get stronger we should-
Max was cut off as Illusionist raised a hand to halt him midsentence. Those pitiful things bore me. Let's get to virus busting that I can actually consider an activity. He disappeared into the puddle at his feet once more, rematerializing at the entrance to Scilab net. Here, I think, I might find some sort of challenge. He pulled up a mirror, his operator's image reflected in its surface. Max nodded, fiddling with the cannon battlechip.
Alright, if you feel up to it. Let's see how far into the net we can go. Illusionist grinned, and stepped through the portal.
A moment later, the netsquare floor was dry. The water had never existed in the first place, after all.

(To Scilab)