City Connections

[Accessing Internet City Server from the Sharonian Airport Ceiling Light Comp...]

[Connection Established. Forwarding.]

[Welcome to Internet City! Have a nice day!]

Blasting in a column of white light, Red let out a sigh as she tossed her head around. While she was still in her Furs.GMO, it didn't really feel too hot in it. Skipping around, she examined a helpful map that led her to a Restaurant District.


Several minutes later, she came out of one establishment satisfied, carrying directions from the airport in her hands. Humming merrily to herslef, Red skipped along back to the Netsquare.


"...Red, what happened? Can't you just send up the directions?" Shin inquired, resting on a bench in the entrance area. He got as far away from the automatic doors as he could, but it was still pretty cold.

"...Um... about that, it seems I can't even establish a connection right now," Red apologized, putting a hand over her mouth and fretting around. It seemed she was lost in the Restaurant District at the moment.

"...Hm, I think this is where we can use that," Shin proposed, letting out a small breath, before smirking.

"Wha-? What are you even tal-" Red started before a key with the NetPolice's emblem floated down from the sky and onto her cylindrical hat. "Oh! Good idea! I bet the NetPolice has pretty good connection anywhere huh!"

"Yeah, just hurry up, I'm freezing over here," Shin pleaded, shivering through his super warm clothes. It was a strange thing, Sharo Weather.

"Alright! Here I go!" Red called, pointing the key at a barren wall and turning it. A golden doorway appeared before her and she was sucked right in. "Waaaah! I didn't hear about this!"

A second later the wall was just a wall.
Popping into existence right in the middle of the NetSquare, Red gave some people a start as she headed toward the SciLab portal. Using the coordinates she obtained from the NetPolice, Red set the portal as close as she could to the destination and warped appropriately.