Mysterious Tower

A simple NormalNavi, colored purple and decorated with angular, silver triangles stood almost in the direct center of the Netsquare, leaning against a green podium very loosely, it was almost as if the Navi was not used to standing around much.

Next to the podium were several large, purple bags filled with lord knows what, but judging from the odd angles and lumps the bags showed, it could be perhaps some sort of analysis equipment.

The Navi leaned against his podium and looked around alertly for the time when SplitMan and Freya would return with his precious black box.
Titan, while seeming to jack out, in reality simply teleported to the orginal drop point.

"Idiotic Navis, can't even get cooridinates right." he mumbled as he drew out the box that his masters so desired.

Stepping up to the green podium, he set the box down on it's proper place. "Masters, I have it." he said aloud.

The box began to creak open, and a strange, multicolored light began to pour forth.

"Excellent. Soon we shall be free once more." a booming voice echoed all around 'Titan'.

"Yesss, but firssst, we must prepare thisss point for our arrival." a sickly voice chimed in.

"Right, right, make haste. I have one last task for you, Titan. One that anyone would die for." came a third, slightly winded voice.

'Titan' screamed as the lid of the box opened, and as three small, circular discs launched themselves towards the three bags littering the ground, 'Titan' was drawn inside. His dying scream gurgled out quickly.

Power arcs randomly lashed outwards from the conglomerate of Navi, box, and scenery, sending ripples of power surges and blackouts across the entirety of the NetSquare. The mass began to swell...

And faintly, barely audible (if anyone had happened to be nearby) came a hideous sound mixed with the expanding metal and stone: three sets of laughter.
As the dust settled, any Navi trapped in the NetSquare could see a monolithic black tower rising above everything, jagged, metal spikes jutting at every angle over it's entire surface, dripping with a strange, green solution.

The tower was so massive that it could be seen at least in some fashion from any vantage point in the NetSquare.
Without warning three beams of light erupted from the top spire of the strange Netsquare tower, and they spiraled outwards, into the expanse of the net...