Jacked In!

LashMan zoomed into the square. Looking around, he scanned the area for a not so nice navi. He felt like a good round of fighting (or perhaps not).

"LashMan, see if you can locate the Rumor BBS. I've got posting to do." Suloy ordered.

LashMan consulted his map. It was only a short jaunt away. So he headed for the specified BBS...
After posting on Suloy's behalf, LashMan quickly left the area. Couldn't he get a little time to himself?

"LashMan, go find a friendly navi to hang out with. I've got some things to do." Suloy said, walking towards the coat rack.

LashMan shrugged. What else could he do?
Somewhat aimlessly, LashMan wandered towards a portal. As he stepped on it, he realized it lead to the electownNet. Suloy may not be pleased, but who cares?

Everything LashMan saw went white for a second. Finally, he could look around. What was that odd looking navi doing racing around?

"Uh... hello...?" LashMan greeted the navi (SINNBAD) awkwardly.
Realizing that the navi was steeling itself for battle, LashMan reluctantly backed away. Where was Suloy when you needed him? Perhaps he had gotten into some trouble?

LashMan looked for something he could use to launch himself around. On spotting what resembled a streetlight, LashMan lashed his whip over the bar. The whip wrapped around.

Taking a deep breath, LashMan ran, gaining speed. Finally airborne, he gave the whip a tug. He sailed through the air, the whip in his left hand.
After a few minutes of fooling around, LashMan decided to check the BBS. He was rudely interrupted by Suloy.

"Hey, jack out. I've got to get back to work." He said, taking off the lab coat and heading to put it back. He bumped into a scientist who was looking around, somewhat randomly.

"This your coat?" Suloy asked. When the scientist confirmed it, Suloy handed it over.

"You'd better ramp up security." Suloy suggested, head back towards the elevator.

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