Phantasm entered the city and immediately made his presence known to all around. Storming through the centre of the square, no regular navi even dared to oppose this dangerous looking ghost; except for one. Halfway towards the portal leading to the Scilab network, Phantasm purposefully knocked a normal navi out of the way, treating him as if he were a useless bolder in the way, he was wrong. Seconds later, right before the purple navi was about to leave for his destination, a call came from behind, "Hey you, wait!" a voice filled with such anger immediately attracted Phantasm's attention and while turning he shouted,"Yeah? what does a weakling like you want with me?" he would come to regret those words.

Upon seeing the normalnavi again, Phantasm's face dropped, he had almost tripled in size and was now bristling with muscles. The giant navi made his way over to the frightened ghost navi, engulfing him in a large shadow, he poked Phantasm in the shoulder while saying, "I hate jerks like you who push weaker navis around!" the only sound of reply that came from the navi was, "Meep"

Over the next couple of minuets, Phantasm was beaten herder than ever before, firmly installing a new ethos into him, don't pick on the weak, he was eventually released from his misery when the hulking navi threw him, head first, through the network portal, accompanied by a loud, "Aaaaaand STAY OUT!!!"

Exit: SciLab network