A ghostly rival appears

Phantasm appeared in the net square and it was made clear to him immediately that he was not a normal occurrence. Storming towards the centre of the area, many navis of all shapes and sizes jumped out of the flaming navis way, some due to his imposing look and others due to the many sneers and threats he made on his way. When Phantasm finally found a spot he deemed suitable, he shouted into the air, to the dismay of those close to him, "Hey Lex, find this dude, I wanna get killin!". For the rest of his stay, all navis appeared to flow around him, like some sort of barrier enveloped him, leaving quite a space between him and the others.
Nitro appeared in the Square in a flash of green light. Chris had informed him that someone had responded to their offer on the BBS, and that he was to look for the Navi in the Square. As he looked for his partner, he heard a loud commotion behind him, so he turned to see what was causing it. He saw a very disgruntled looking Navi engulfed in green flames, storming through the crowd infront of him. "Please tell me that that isn't our partner," Nitro said to Chris. And, as if on cue, he heard the Navi shout: "Hey Lex, find this dude, I wanna get killin'!"
"Well, the poster said his name was Lex," Chris said. "This must be our guy." Nitro hesitated for a moment, the started walking towards him, receiving skeptical looks from other Navis as he walked into the empty area surrounding the purple and green Navi.
"Uh, hi," Nitro said as he got closer. "I'm Nitro. I assume you were the one that answered my Operator's post?" He offered his hand to the Navi.
Phantasm turned around to face the navi who he was to bust with, excepting some sort of super partner who would be on par with his awesome busting might, it came as a big shock to him when he realised it was just another custom navi. With a look of puzzlement, the flaming navi walked over to his soon to be partner and checked him over in a rude fashion while not even trying to disguise it, he then completely turned his back to the navi and shouted once again into the air, "Hey Lex, this the best you could do?" the airways were silent for a few seconds before the navi shouted even louder, " HEY LEX!!!!", it was at this point that Lex suddenly awoke from a light state of sleep and fell over through shock.

Lex got back up onto his chair and faced the computer screen while rubbing his weary eyes, "Huh..... Oh yeah, that's the navi, don't be rude! Greet him" said Lex in a low, grumbled tone.

"Yeah, yeah, ok I'll speak with him" the navi reluctantly said as he turned around and shook the outstretched hand, "I'm Phantasm, what's your battle style?" questioned Phantasm as he held the new navi's hand, staring directly into his pupil in an attempt to grasp what his new partner would be like.

Nitro's eyes followed the Navi as he was being examined, feeling like a contestant in a dog show being looked over by a particularly picky and on fire judge. As the Navi turned his back to him, he couldn't help but hear what the flaming Navi's opinion was of him. "This is the best you could do"?! Nitro thought to himself. Oh, you don't know what you're in for, buddy. Nitro stared back into Phantasm's eyes as he introduced himself. "I deal mainly with explosives." Nitro said back to Phantasm, not giving off any hint of friendliness in his voice, and holding his hand rather firmly. "What's yours?" He kept a serious demeanor through all of this, knowing he couldn't give off any hint of weakness to this Navi.
Phantasm stared into the Nitro's eyes with a great intensity, this continued for a few, uncomfortable seconds but then, suddenly the flaming navi burst out with a loud belly laugh, this was accompanied by a few knee slaps and a bit of arm waving.

Once the purple navi had regained his composure, he faced Nitro again and said, "Your all right kid" with one hand planted firmly on Nitro's shoulder, "where d'ya wanna go? I'm up for a few rounds o' busting!" he continued as he begun to turn to walk in the opposite direction, he then suddenly remembered the question he had been asked just moments before and spun on his heels to say, "I prefer to hit and run" Phantasm then scouted around, trying to see where the different portals led to, eager to start a fight.
Nitro jumped back a few feet when Phantasm exploded with laughter. He also saw a few heads turn in their general direction. He turned back to look back at Phantasm when he felt his hand on his shoulder with a look of utter bewilderment on his face. Between the way he introduced himself and the sudden laughter, Nitro arrived at the conclusion that this guy was a total basket-case. Still, it was the kind of basket-case he could get along with. "It really doesn't matter to me where we go," Nitro said finally, with a smile on his face. "Just as long as there's plenty of viruses to blow up. I'd kinda like to see some new scenery, as I tend to spend a lot of time in ACDC."
"I get ya" Phantasm said in response to Nitro, he to had spent an awful lot of time in ACDC Net, then he spotted it, "How about the Electown Net, never been there before, seems interesting" and with this the navi began to sprint towards the portal to the Electown net, he got about half way before he stopped and realised he had forgotten to get the other navi's opinion, so he sprinted back to him and jogged on the spot, eagerly awaiting his reply.
"Yeah, Electown's pretty cool," Nitro said. "I've been there before, it's a good challenge." Nitro could tell that Phantasm really wanted to get going, so he started walking over to the portal, expecting Phantasm to follow suit.

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"Excellent!" Phantasm shouted and without a moments notice he made a made dash for the Electown portal, leaving many angry and confused navis in his wake, most of which gave accusing looks at Nitro before continuing on there way.
Nitro watched as Phantasm dashed into the portal and disappeared. He then looked around at all the people staring at him. He kept his head down and blushed slightly as he hurried into the portal leading to Electown.