Bard Jacks in For Team Bust

A music notes floated through an empty section of the netsquare. It settled upon one spot and then exploded into a stream of musical notes. The notes and staffs wrapped up upon each other and formed into the Musical navi Bard. She stood there in the square, as opposed to sitting for once. She was wearing a her new GMO which included a form fitting pinstripe skirt and vest. She held in her right hand a trumpet and in her left a guitar case for an elertic guitar. The fedora was pulled over her eyes and she kept her back up right, standing on heels tds to do that. She looked around and said, "Leo. I thought we were going to bust. What are we doing in internet city?" "Just wait." Bard looked around with confusion. She kept looking over her new outfit, happy with the apperance. She would play with the slightly loose sleeves and blow on the trumpet from time to time. She also kept feeling how short her hair was now compared to the orginial cut. I like the flapper hair," Bard said smiling. Soon she put the guitar case down, and began to play some smooth Jazz, testing out her new instrument. She kept an open eye for anything that could be her final suprise.
Not far from bard a small green power symbol started to glow on the ground as a ring slowly spread around it. As the light grew stronger it started to form a pillar that filled with swirling data that slowly took the form of the cursor navi. With a yawn and a stretch Longshot stepped out the ring which instantly started to fade away, his rifle resting on his back as he looked about for a navi in a jazz like outfit.

At once it was obvious who he was looking for, the sound of jazz floating over from a girl obviously fitting the description Leo had left on the BBS, heading over Longshot paused to listen to the song waiting for the other Navi to finish the song. "Nice song, I have to say Jazz is quite nice, Amadeo doesn't have much of a taste for it though."

"Hey everyone knows classic rock is the best... why you like Jazz is beyond me.

Longshot chuckled quietly, "I listen to it after dealing with you in one of your caffeine induced fits. Anyway, my names Longshot, your operator Leo responded to a message we put on the BBS seeking a buster partner, and so here we are."
Bard kept playing the song, not noticed the other Navi in her presence. She was far to wrapped up in playing the song and keeping the beat smooth and jazzy. After it was done she lower the trumpet to her side and said, "The reason to like Jazz is in the music! In the beat! In the soul! Don't get me wrong, some of the rock music I have had the pleasure to heard isn't bad, but the classics are so much more pleasing." In his room Leo gave a nice facepalm and said, "Bard. Just listen to what he has to say."

Bard looked at the navi in front of her, stareing blantely at the power symbol on his chest. She looked up at him and let him say the next line. As soon as it was over a huge smile crossed her face. "You must be my other surpise!!!" Her face instantly went to an overjoyed expression. She clasped her hands together and said, "You got me someone to bust with?! Leo thats awesome! See it is good to meet other people and navi's you shall see!" Leo let out an audiable sigh as Bard turned bakc to the new Navi. She switched her trumpet to her left hand and extended her right to him. "My name is Bard, and I suposed I will be your new partner for now!" The grin never left her, nor Leo's face.
"Smooth and calming for the soul, like I said it helps deal with the stress life brings." he smirked just a little knowing Amadeo was watching on his monitors making faces obviously at his and Bards opinion. (And indeed he was) "Indeed we are the last surprise, and its great to be here since we were looking for a partner when Leo contacted us." Offering a wave, to Leo hoping he was watching Longshot turned again to Bard...

...and froze, she was offering her hand, very quickly Longshot took the hand offering one firm shake before quickly letting go. He hated close contact, even when he wasn't battling something about being close, enclosed just bothered the navi. It passed quick enough though. "So, what do you specialize in? I haven't seen many other Navi's other then Amadeo's brothers, he was a sword type. Pesty guy..."
"Awl thats great! See we are already getting along with out taste of music." As she offered her hand she watched the Navis breif reaction and slightly cocked her head to the side. That was slightly odd. it was like he didn't want to touch me. Oh well we all have our quirks. After the handshake was over she placed her trumpet back in her right hand and then closed her guitar case and picked it up. "Well. I specialize in music! That much is for sure! Oh and fun fact, I normally don't move when battleing." She let a smile cross her face as a loud caw was heard. Flying down from a high vantage point, her Raven swooped down and landed on Bard's shoulder. It let out another loud caw, loud enough to make even Bard flinch a bit. The large bird hopped around slightly on her shoulder while turning its head side to side at Longshot.

Bard watched the bird as the bird stared at Longshot with its pitchblack eyes. Bard laughed slightly and said, "It seems my Raven here is interseted in you as well!" She looked at Leo and said, "Even my bird wanted to team up!" She said this in a jocking voice before saying, If you are wondering what I am able to do in battle, it is of course, healing. Music does heal the soul after all. And seeing that gun on your back I am assumeing you are a range fighter. Am I right?" "Bard! Don't be rude and assume! You know what I have told you about that. It makes an as-" "Yeah yeah I know." She flashed another cute smile before saying, "So anywhere you really want to go?"
"Don't move? That would be a death scentence for most Navi." He had to wonder if she didn't move how at all could she defend herself or fight? It just seems like a huge risk he would never want to take. Suddenly a loud caw brought Longshot's attention up towards the large raven as it swooped down to perch on Bard's shoulder. He leaned a bit closer tilting his head a bit as the bird tilted its own back. "Hello to you as well I suppose." Healing? How does she fight at all really?[i] he pushed the thought aside and continued to watch the bird curiously. "So is that a support program? I've never seen something like this before..." Suddenly his helmet sealed the mouth piece folding into place popping up a hologram that seemed to record images of the raven and Bard before clicking off again with the new information gathered.

With out missing a beat as if the visor had never popped up he continued, "And yes I am long range, Cursor type." Casually he reached over his shoulder pulling the rifle type buster from its spot on his back. Enjoying the reassuring weight of the weapon. "Anywhere works for me really, I was in ACDC town not to long ago, any place you know of?"
Bard simply smiled at the other Navi as he questioned her fighting style. "You don't have to worry about me. I may fight oddly, but I am more than able to carry my own weight." As he commented on her Raven she laughed. "He isn't a support program. He is just my friend. And, in battle, a channel for my music. Think of him as a flying, mobile hand of mine." Bard watched blankey as the data of her was stored. "I suggest we go to Electown," Leo chimed in. Bard shrugged uncaring as to the location. "Just not that damn sci-labs and I will be happy. Electown fine by you? She asked while walking towards the portal to the electown nets.
"A second hand? Well thats an interesting set up indeed. I only have two obviously." Casually he lifted the buster rifle up in his hands before continuing to look at the raven curiously. It was really a unique thing to think about. "Electown sounds fine to me." Longshot started to follow after Bard casually doing a field check of the rifle, though it didn't in theory need one it was just another touch to his GMO that he used to keep himself calmed and occupied.

"Electown sounds interesting, haven't seen it our selves. Have you two gone before?"
"If electown is cool by you lets get moving then! And, no I never have teamed up with anyone. I have wanted to, but Leo is very very shy." "SHH. Bard!" Leo said. Bard let out a small giggle and then said, "Which is why this is such a big deal and you are my suprise." With that Bard was done talking and more than ready to go busting again to try out her new upgrade, GMO, and team battle for the first time.

{{To Electown Net!}}
"Amadeo is just excited to meet other net battlers it's what he enjoys so finding others who share his intrest always gets him in a good mood." Once Bard cleared through the portal Longshot followed suite disappearing into another space in the net right behind her.