Meet Up, then Bust

Majinman appeared in the square and looked around. There were one or two people there. His eyes scanned over each of the portals. Which one did he want?
"Hey!" Came a shout from behind as a the navi Capuchin appeared. "Don't go running off without me. I came here too so I should have a say as well in where we go." Her hands held onto her red pole which rested upon her shoulders. A smile was on her face as she attempted to be friendly to Majinman but still wondered if he was like Jr.
Majinman turned and looked Capuchin up and down... then back up, until his gaze reached about halfway. This... was going to be fun. Now it was just a matter of how to approach her. Chances were, she wouldn't take him seriously in a ten year old's body. He would have to power up a bit more before he could seriously do anything. He'd need to achieve at least 16, maybe 14 if he pushed it. However, right now his small form could also be used to have some fun. After all... when kids get grabby, its cute and affectionate. When adults do it, its weird and creepy. He only had a limited time to pull off the cute angle, so he might as well make the most of it now, while he had the chance. The main thing he had to be careful of was that they didn't realize that he actually had the mind of an adult inside. Well, better procede carefully then.

Taking a deep breath, Majinman looked up at Capuchin and smiled, "Ah, so are you the one Wes got to play with me, lady? You're soooo pretty. Wes sure was nice to ask you to come along with me. My name is Majinman.EXE. What's your name?"

"Eh?" Wes mumbled. Wasn't his navi normally either a jerk or super serious strategist? This was new. Unless of course...

"So, where should we go? I wanna see either Hades Isle, since they say other demons come from there, Yumland, since Wood types are weak to fire, or Net Vegas, because of all the pretty lights. Oh yeah, I hear those areas are pretty tough but don't worry. I'm really strong so I'll protect you." Majinman flexed his small arms, displaying just the tiniest bit of muscle.
"Awww what a cute kid!" Capuchin cheeped as she crouched to his level and ruffled his hair. "He's like my little sister! Adorable and tiny and full of energy!" She gave a chuckle for a moment and looked at him with a happy face. "Well I don't know if we should go to some of those places. I appreciate the offer of protection buuuuut I think we should wait till your older for any busting at places like that."

"S-Sadly...I hate t-to say this..." Aida began to her navi, "...but he's twice your level."


"Y-you'd probably be the one act-tually being shie-elded by him."

"WHA?! NO WAY! REALLY! THIS KID?" Capuchin asked yet now felt a swarm of guilt overflow her. She just insulted a higher rank navi....especially one of Aida's friends navi's. "Eheheh...sorry bout that. I just didn't know what a powerful guy you really are. Thats awesome! The name's Capuchin. You asked right?"
"Yup." Majinman replied. She hadn't chosen an area and unless she was going to stay here and let him fondle her, he was kind of in a hurry to get started causing some damage with his new abilities. What would be the best way to speed things along? Come to think of it, according to what Wes told him, Capuchin had gotten to be a real hothead as of late. If that was the case, "I'm sorry, Miss Capuchin. I didn't mean to mention areas that you think are scary. I can wait to play around in those places later, so you can choose where we go. As long as I'm with you, I'm sure whatever you pick will be fun!" That's right, a small child like him calling one's courage into question would normally be enough to make even a calm mind jump into danger. Plus, he did it in a way that made him seem concerned, not conceited, so this veiled insult should only endear himself all the more to her. It almost made him regret the fact that he would probably lose this form before too long.
"HEY! Hold everything!" Capuchin immediatley blurted out as she felt her dignity being crushed. "Who said I was afraid? Sure I'm not as tough as a kid like you, but I can hold my own...tell you what? You choose where we are headed, I'll go follow. No questions asked."

"U-Umm....i-is that such a good idea?" Aida asked worried.

"Awwww come on Aida. Have a little faith for once."
So it would be left up to him to decide anyway. Okay, now which of the areas would serve his needs the best? Yumland had grass and Wood viruses, making it easy to rip through the masses of enemies but... Wes had a GrassZone chip, so he could do that anywhere they went. There's one eliminated. Then there was Hades Isle. It'd be like Hell, meaning he could have all the fun and destruction he wanted. Of course, a cute kid shouldn't be into that kind of stuff plus the lava would be hard on a normal navi, so that probably wouldn't be a good idea. No to that as well. Finally there was Net Vegas. Net Vegas had bright lights, gambling, and strippers. All kids like bright lights, gambling could be seen as a fun game, and if he saw some nudity, well then, he was just curious and didn't know any better. Perfect excuse. If it wasn't, he could figure out something. Okay then, Net Vegas it was, "Well then, if you're sure, follow me!" Majinman called, dashing towards the portal. As he walked over it, he disappeared, leaving Capuchin to catch up.
"H-Hey! No fair!" Capuchin happily laughed as she dove into the portal herself vanishing.