New Experiences

Grey stepped out of the SciLab net portal and was immediately startled by the vast amount of activity in the area, suddenly Lex began to speak, "Go grab a mission with a chip data reward k?, Grey quickly replied, "Sure" He then slowly made his way to the central hub, trying not to draw to much attention to himself.
Grey appeared from one of the alleys in the central hub he had been hiding in and made a mad dash towards the nearest portal, he didn't really care which one. Just as he was about to enter into one a sound came as if from no where, "Where ya going? The ACDC portals over there!" . Grey stopped in his tracks and looked around nervously, the sudden hearing of voices was an experience he knew he would have to get used to, he shuffled around a few navis who were bargaining with a net merchant and quickly jumped through the correct portal.