Who Says a Square Can't be Fun??

As ToolMan had jacked into the machine, he landed in none other than the Square. It was filled with people, doing their daily busness. ToolMan wasn't all too experenced and since hadn't busted in a while due to his lazyness he wasn't really ready for some epic battle. But some small battle wasn't all to bad. then again, the Square was so uptight with software that it was rare to come across a virus. And with Ralez ocassionaly leaving his PET to go look at items around the store, he couldn't really afford to to anything big or rash anyway. So ToolMan, haveing really nothing else to go or nothing to do, deceded to wander around till he met someone.
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Nitro walked over to the unfamilliar Navi, hoping that he would be able to bust with him. He'd been looking for a partner for a while now, and couldn't wait any longer for one to come to him. "Hi," Nitro said, introducing himself. "I'm Nitro." He offered his hand to the Navi.
ToolMan was suprised that he had met someone so fast. It's not like he was excited about ot or thought that he would have been better off talking to people, but he didn't want to be an idiot by just standing there and doing nothing either. So he shook the man's hand and said, ''Nice to meet you. I'm ToolMan.''
"Nice to be met," Nitro replied. He took a quick up-and-down look at Toolman before asking "So, are you new around here?"
ToolMan shook his head. She navi was rather small compared to his giant body, but wasn't so bothering. He swung his axe around a bit within a safe distance away from the navi's body and spoke. ''Not really. I usually just wander around the Electown net but for some reason my operator Ralez decided I needed to be here. It's mostly boring here, but then again who am I to complain? Better then beating up random viruses.'' ToolMan looked around once more, and then back at the navi.
"I'm an ACDC local myself," Nitro replied. "Me and my operator Chris. I kinda like it here in the Square, aside from the fact that nobody really bothers with going up to people and talking." Nitro paused for a moment, then added "I was standing in one spot like a lost child for about two hours before I decided to find someone myself."
ToolMan laughed a bit. He found that to be quite halarious, but then again how could things like that not be? ''Well that has gotta suck. So what are you doin here? Planning on doing something or just here for fun?''
"Well," Nitro replied. "I was kinda looking for a busting partner, if you're interested."
ToolMan smilied a bit. ''Really? Well I usually don't bust with other navi's, but I'll give it a shot. It might actually help me improve a little bit. I'm all for it if my operator is.'' He called out to Ralez. ''Ralez?? Are you back yet?? Ralez?? After a second of silence, Ralez came back from looking around and replied, ''There is no need to shout gosh-darn-it. So now what did you want with me?'' ToolMan pouted like a little child at Ralez's attitude. He replyed while pointing to Nitro with his thumb, back turned to him at the moment. ''Well Nitro-bozu over here wants me to bust with him and I thought it might be a good experence for the both of us. What do ya say to it? You up for a round?'' Ralez looked at his watch. ''Well I guess I got some time. But we gotta make it quick okay?'' ''Got it boss!!'' ToolMan turned to Nitro. ''Okay I'll do it but we can't take too long okay?''
"That's fine," Nitro replied. "I didn't really plan on anything too long anyway. Hey Chris, I found a partner." Nitro said to his operator.
"Really?" Chris said, somewhat surprised. "Man, I thought we were gonna be here all day. Well, were does he want to go?"
"Hold on, I'll ask." Nitro turned back to Toolman. "Any particular preference on where we bust?"
ToolMan looked at him with a smile. Well......umm......I dunno. What do you think Ralez?? He turned to Ralez and waited for an answer. ''Well I would kinda like it if we kept it here in Electown, but besides for that anywhere is fine.''
"Alright, Electown it is!," Nitro said. He turned on the spot and headed toward the appropriate portal, waving for Toolman to follow.

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ToolMan followed, and went to the portal as instructed. He then shouted with a seemingly wonderful impression, ''Alright!! Lets do this!'' and threw his hands up in the air.

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