In the NetSquare

Dark Boy stepped out of the portal into a vask, open landscape. As usual, the female voice whispered in his ear, "Welcome to the NetSquare! Make yourself at home! This is where people socialize, sell things, and travel through the net!".

Dark Boy? Didnt you picture the NetSquare to be more, err....square? []


Y-yes Trillian, I did. Dark Boy said as he gazed at all of the proprietors, NetNavis, and operators staring down at them from holograms above them.

Well, post what we need!

Dark Boy ran up to the closest BBS and started to post some information.

Dear NetNavis,

I have been put on the wrong airplane by accident, and I think I might just stay here for a while. But, I am a Level 0 NetNavi and still in training. I would like to have a partner before attempting to do some NetBattling.

I am a NetNavi with speed and snipe capabilities, and am very skilled at Long-Ranged attacks. Since you are reading this BBS without seeing myself, I am standing right here, in the NetSquare near the vendor about 50 feet from here. I have red hair with purple highlights, and tall, metal boots.

Please contact me if you would like to help me out (Post Here). You must be able to handle these viruses. Or you could e-mail my Operator at
*DarkBoy heads to Mission BBS in need of a mission.