Sohee enters the Net with Aidan for the first time

"Just jack me in, beautiful; wait till you see what else I'm capable of," said Aidan, his face cracking a toothy grin but growing hardened somehow.

Sohee stared at her navi for a while. "All right, but only because I'm curious as to what you can do, " she said reluctantly, more suspicious than curious. No, but she was a bit curious, wasn't she? What kind of person had programmed such a navi? What did he or she use it for before she came upon it? Certainly not for drafting writing, that's for sure, she lamented, wondering what will become of her aspirations as an author.

Cautiously she jacked in her navi, thinking of where she ought to send it... She really didn't have much experience with the net world, outside of her limited interactions with company intranets, and perhaps socially playing around in the net in her younger days.

"So, um..." she said uncertainly but trying not to reveal her ignorance to her navi, "I'll just let you roam free in the net for a while, and you can do what you like there..." She aimed her device and watched as her navi jacked in and the PET began to display the old familiar scenery in the NetSquare...

Aidan seemed to get in a wary stance, holding one hand close to his dagger and preparing his legs as if for a sprint... "Are you all right?" Sohee asked Aidan. His eyes darted from place to place, then, slowly, his body went limp. The energy of his body seemed to leave all at once. A few happy shoppers passed by Aidan, grins on their faces and bags full of new merchandise from the chic NetSquare malls. There was a long, uncomfortable pause.

"What the * is this?!" yelled Aidan, throwing a minor fit. A few bystanders looked at him, disturbed.

"What's what?" Sohee asked, a little frightened at her own navi.

"Where are the viruses? Where's the action? Where's..." Aidan seemed to blubber. "Why, for all I see, this seems more like a... a... city park! It's fit more for bloody schoolchildren than for..."

"Well," Sohee said calmly, amused. "That would be the idea behind a public square, wouldn't it? What did you expect? Hadn't your previous operator taken you to the Net before?"

"Where is this place?" Aidan demanded a little savagely.

"It's the NetSquare, now calm down," Sohee commanded. "Why don't you sit and have a drink or something?"

Aidan seemed to calm down for a while, and sat down at a nearby park bench. He still refused to speak, and brooded. Sohee watched this for a while until a few minutes later, Aidan jumped up. "Gah!! It's too quiet here!" he yelled, punching the air, and began running off to a portal.

"Where are you going?" asked Sohee, alarmed.

"I don't know!" he retorted, and ran off in the direction of the ACDC Net portal.
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Meanwhile through the ACDC portal hurtled an incredibly rushed looking red figure. Riff was late in meeting her net-op in the net square vicinity. She could hear Calais' voice piping at her too hurry up.

"What's your excuse for being this late?" Calais' voice chimed.
"I like to call it 'fasionably' late!" Riff argued back, running now she didn't have time to spot the wonderfully 'misplaced' rock of cliche' on the floor. Inevitably she tripped over it and managed to hurl an arm towards the face of the poor Navi coming the other way. She hit the floor with an 'OOF!' and forward rolled a couple of meters forward.
"Well if you didn't have to run you would have had time to avoid the rock. And I thought Cats were suposed to land on their feet." Calais pipped.
Riff glared dangerously at the screen that bared the bemused face of her net-op.
"What's more I think you hit someone." Calais added.
"Bloody brilliant...." Riff said sarcasticly, hitting her face against the floor. Mustering up streangth she picked herself up off the ground and turned around, sheepishly awaiting the expectedly angry face of the navi she had crashed into.

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Suddenly with a sudden built amount of Panick Calais remembered there was an importante errand that Riff needed doing.

"Heh! Sorry!" Riff said hurriedly and was jacked out seconds later.