Looking around again

XIII looked around the net square as he walked in. It was bustling with all sorts of activity here and there, just how he had remembered it.

"Hmm, I wonder if anyone I know is here right now? Or better yet, if anyone wants to go virus busting with me?" XIII said.
"What again? Why are you itching for a fight all of a sudden?" Kasumi asked through the comlink.
"You know, I haven't the foggiest. I jsut all of a sudden feel this weird need to get stronger than I was before. Maybe its due to the fact that I've never lost before that, but I just feel this uncontrollable urge to move forward." XIII responded in a sort of dreamy kind of tone, clearly showing that he didn't know why he felt that way. It was odd for him to be seeking fights, but it was even odder to see him so lost in thought.
Machman sees a NetNavi with braided red hair and white bangs enter the busy net square. The Navi looks around and chats with his NetOp, seemingly trying to find someone.

Hmm... I wonder what he is up to.

[He looks heavily modified. I'm guessing he is a virus buster. How about you go and introduce yourself; it would be nice to have some friends around here.]

Alright. I just hope he isn't the nervous opens-fire-as-you-try-to-talk-to-them kinda Navi. Here goes!

Machman approaches the Navi and extends his open hand in greeting.

Hello, My name is Machman. Are you looking for someone?
XIII looks up suddenly, but his facial expression relaxes as he sees its jsut a friendly navi.

"Ahh, My name is XIII. Nice to meet...." XIII was going to shake his hand, but then realized his right hand was gripped tightly to the hilt of his sword. He managed to pry it off, gave a comically stern look at it, and shook Machman's extended hand. "Sorry about that. I was virus busting a little while ago, but I seem to still be in battle mode. Actually, your half correct. I'm kinda seeing if there's anyone I know here right now, or anyone who wants to go virus busting with me. I was recently out of commission for repairs, so It feels like ages since I met up with anybody here on the net."
Machman shakes the Navi's hand and listens intently to his statements.I see. I was also looking for a busting companion. You want to partake? It looks you with that awesome sword would be an excellent virus buster.
"A fine sword makes a fine cut, but fine skills hone a greater warrior. This sword is nary a tool nor my power, it is a part of me as much as my arms and legs are." XIII said, looking every bit the warrior he was during battle. *smiles* "And yes, I'd love to go busting with you. Is there a place you had in mind?"
You make a great point. It really is the warrior behind the weapon that matters. I could learn much from you. I have been to ACDC net but haven't been anywhere else. However; I'm game for anything you choose.
XIII thought a moment. "hmm, well since I'm still getting back into the swing of things, wanna try the scilab network. Dad really likes it when Remii and I do work there, says it helps the researchers when their computers aren't as buggy."
Sounds good to me. Shall we go?
"Alright then." XIII said, smiling, and Kasumi gave the monitor a thumbs up too. "So lets go..." He started walking towards the entrance to Scilab net.

((Thread to be continued in "back to back in Scilab Net" in Scilab net area.))