Calling all allies

The net square is bustling with activity and navis move about, chatting and exchanging information. One of the circular portals on the ground come to life, emitting a light blue glow. A angular shape forms on the portal and then stretches into a humanoid figure. Machman now stands on the portal, his eyes closed and his body covered in a form fitting orange jumpsuit. His blue eyes open and his armor materializes over his legs, arms, chest, and head. His sharp blue wings appear from thin air and move around his body in slow orbit.

[Machman, I would like you to look for available allies for some battling. I don't want a repeat of last time.]

Yeah, that wasn't fun. I will try to find some comrades.

Machman walks from the portal and walks towards a column in the net square and stops to look around for a busting partner.
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