Basilisk in the Netsquare

A flurry of blue light and color, and Basilisk was in the Netsquare, stepping through the portal from ACDC Net. "So, this is the Netsquare, then? Sure is... circular." She walked forward, looking at the other Navis milling about and hawking goods.

"Silly, eh? I like it." Sarah stood up. "Well, I'm off to help unpack and clean and all that jazz. Have fun on your own." And thus, the Op was off, leaving the Navi to enjoy the square while she could.

"Okay then!" Basilisk began to wander about.
"Hey Basilisk! Didya miss me?"

The Navi looked up. "This place is so empty. And if feels like it's been months, I was so bored..."

"Heh, heh..." Sarah would have sweatdropped if it had been possible. "I'm jacking your out. And my parents were talking about heading down to 'the city'... something about my mom wanting to start that cafe of hers."

"To the city? That sounds interesting. Will we be checking out their network?"

"If you behave. Brace yourself!"

Basilisk proceeded to shift into a blue beam of energy, shooting up into the sky and out of the Netsquare.