Crush touched down in an unfamiliar place. The last thing he remembered was undergoing the repair process, and now he found himself in this strange place. What's more, something didn't feel right. Rather, very little felt right. He felt cramped, like he'd been forced into some very small space, and the ground seemed to be rushing up at him, as if he were falling. "Met.GMO active. CrushMan, it looks like you're in Internet City. We can't make direct connections anymore, something's blocking us. We'll have to go through here to reach Electown. From there, we can approach the destination. Make it quick though, you need to find the way to Electown as fast as possible. This is a virus free area and with your current form... We don't need to cause any more trouble. Understand?"

He listened to every word the Master had to say, but it still made no sense. Met.GMO? Internet City? And just how was he supposed to find the way to Electown anyway? And something about viruses... CrushMan suddenly remembered, Internet City! It was the area he had frequently used to make an indirect connection to other areas. So he couldn't do that anymore? It didn't really matter. He'd dealt with the City in the past and even done it to travel to Electown. All he had to do was break down the connection process step by step and follow the directions to the Electown gate.

The Great Navi started moving forward, but fell face down into the ground before taking three steps. He didn't fall very far either. Just what was going on? He was moving too fast and his body, his body just didn't feel right. The Master's voice rang through his head, although now just a whisper. "CrushMan, be quick! If anyone sees you, this could be troublesome! Hurry, you can get used to your new body later!"

New body? But the Master had commanded him. He'd done well recently, or at least well enough not to displease the Master. Perhaps he was even... pleased with Crush's recent efforts? CrushMan, feeling encouraged, raced off towards the Electown gateway, but not before tripping and falling in his strange little body several times along the way.