Shin's NetVegas Gambles

Though he didn't really need to actually fly to NetVegas, Shin hadn't been there in a while, so he figured, "why the hell not?"

It was quite a while after he left the shop, and he planned to stay here for a while anyway, take a spin at the casino later and all that.

At any rate, Shin decided to be ironic and book a room at the Royal Red Hotel. It was very... vibrant.

"Ooh~ So pretty~" Red gasped, giggling as Shin signed in at the reception desk, tipped the courier, and made his way to the elevator.

"Do you think pinstripe looks weird on me? I can't really tell," Shin mused, rolling his luggage before coming to a halt in the elevator lobby.

"You look fine~ Also that red-dress shirt and white tie combo is really classy!" the fairy-tale fighter complimented, bouncing up and down in joy, before falling over on her bottom. Her yukata.GMO didn't allow for much of that anyway.

"Hmmm, I guess so, and be careful!" Shin scolded his navi as she painstakingly got up with the help of her support unit.

"Pft! Don't worry, I'm a champion! Yeaaaaah!" Red boasted, pulling back a sleeve and flexing her bicep.

"Ha! Well, don't get too overconfident, Miss Champion," Shin chuckled as he swiped the card into the lock and accessed his room. It was pretty standard fare.

"So, shall we start?" Shin inquired, smirking as he adjusted his shades.

"Let 'er rip!" Red replied, swinging an arm in great cheer.

"Alright, Casino Network here we come!" Shin announced, jacking his navi in.

The city turned. The clocked turned. The sun rose and fell.

And like all places, Shin had to leave NetVegas eventually.