Shin's Netfrican Safaris

Millions of miles away from Electopia, Shin arrived on the arid continent of Netfrica. The airport wasn't exactly bustling with people, but the Asian walked along all the same.

"You know... I don't think I have any spending money," Shin grimaced, facepalming as he realized this fact while hopping onto the back of an all-terrain jeep.

"Good day sir," the dark-skinned tour guide greeted as Shin settled himself in the back seat. "Thank you for choosing Savannah Tours. You requested the 'Real glitchfruit' sighting package, yes?" Shin nodded as if completely busy with his bank account and the tour guide bowed back, signaling to the driver to start.

"I am your tour guide, Scius Zimboku. Thank you again for choosing Savannah Tours," Scius announced. Shin shook his hand as a sign of friendship and Scius spoke something in his native language to the driver and they were off.

"Ok, looks like there's a jack-in port in the jeep, which is connected to landlines through wireless. Wanna go for it?" Shin inquired to his navi.

"Ready to go! Tell me when you get to the Glitchfruit!" Red cheered, saluting before disappearing along with Myun into the Net.

Examining the rest of the jeep, there was a Netopian couple and a single dark-skinned Yumlander lady wearing a sari. Shin adjusted his sunglasses as the tour guide spoke about the surrounding plant and animal life.

"Well, here we go," Shin smirked as the jeep went over a hill.
The adventure was over, and Shin had experienced the sight of the real life Glitchfruit in a hidden cavern that the tour guide had taken them to. It looked remarkably like the net world version, but seemed to like dank, dark places like caves.

From there, the tour guide and driver held them hostage and wanted ransom money, but after elaborate plans and the Netopian couple really being trained CIA agents, the drowsy yumlandian lady actually a ninja, and Shin's own Kung-Fu training, the group escaped successfully and each exchanged e-mail addresses and parted ways, flying off to distant locations.

But in reality, they maybe all got too close to those Glitchfruits.

At any rate, Shin felt like going to the beach next.