Logan wiped the sweat off his face as he walked on through the barren landscape of Netfrica. He wore a safari type hat with a large brim and a string that hung down under Logan's neck. On Logan's back was a giant backpack. Logan knew that if he leaned back, the weight of the pack would easily topple him over, leaving him lying on his back in the hot sun. The thought of this only made him feel hotter.

It had been three weeks since Logan's visit to Electown. Now, Logan was in Netfrica on a trip to bring supplies to some of the less fortunate families. Logan imagined those impoverished people, and that is what kept him going.

Logan trotted along with his eyes to his feet until he heard something. He looked up and saw three tiny children, natives of the land. They smiled at Logan. Then they scurried off into a patch of forest that seemed very out of place in the arid desert. Logan followed their path until he came upon a small house that, to the looks of it, was handbuilt. Logan knocked on the door. Suddenly the three kids jumped out of a nearby bush and grabbed on to Logan's large backpack. They pulled at it, and Logan fell backwards. Logan landed with a poof and luckily hit his head on a soft object in the backpack. The kids giggled mischievously and then ran off.

The door opened. In the doorway was a woman who Logan could only guess was the children's mother. She helped him up and they shook hands. The woman motioned for Logan to come inside. Logan took off his backpack and placed it by the doorway. He took off his hat and wiped the sweat from his brow once more.

Inside the hut was a small little livingspace. On the floor were five mats on which the family slept on. In the corner, there was a bucket that Logan could only assume was a crude toilet. There was a fire going in the middle of the hut, and around the fire sat the woman and her husband. They were meditating around the flame. The woman with her eyes closed motioned for Logan to join her. Logan sat down, crossed his legs and meditated with them. After a few minutes of relaxation and contemplation, the woman and her husband arose from their seats and Logan followed suit.

Logan shook hands with the husband. "Me Kowanay," the husband said. Logan followed. "Me Logan."

Logan the began to unpack all the goods he had brought. He brought food, blankets, pillows, and much more. Logan also brought a special water filter. He showed it to them. They then took Logan by the arm and brought him to the backyard, where there was a well. Logan showed the family (the boys had joined) how to use the system. Then Logan noticed that the system wasn't working. Logan thought and then realized what to do. He pulled out his PET and jacked into the water filtration system.