"Aren't you hot out here Johnny-boy!?" Superstar began to laugh as John began running across the sahara.


"UWHAHAAAAA????" Clasping his own face in a comical way, Superstar fell to his knees inside the PET. "How can that beee!!!??" Reaching insanely high pitches, he continued pitying a failed plan. As of so far, he hadn't converted John to satanical worship, but that would change soon. Ohhhh sooo soon he would worship and he would LIKE IT!

"We're almost at the jack in port, get ready Superstar" Chuckling at his navi's dismay, John's legs pumped up and down until they reached the rest center. "Getting some training was essential, but so is earning our pay. Let's get started shall we?"

Eyeing a computer with a standard jack-in port John sighed "At this rate I won't be able to use any of the fancy adapters I payed for with my own money. Ah well JACK IN SUPERSTAR!" Shoving the port in, John waited.