So hot...

"7 years... 7 miserable years..." Joseph muttered, his eyes flashing a fiery crimson. They quickly faded back to a jade green--who lives in NetFrica without air-conditioning?

He had survived those years somehow, under the radar of NanoPengi and the NetPolice. Scrubbing his identity, he reemerged just a normal programmer, albeit quite gifted for his age. But he was only biding his time--soon, they would pay. Oh, how they would pay...

Turning his attention back to his computer, Joseph ran the diagnostic once more. He had managed to salvage most of BoxNix, but the years had changed his clunky Navi--he was smaller now, sleeker. He needed to keep his pretenses, he had suspended the Navi's ability to handle multiple processes for now... But he would make a comeback, mark his words. The M.I.N.D. project would resurface, and NanoPengi will grovel at his feet one day...

"Wake up, Frag." He christened his Navi, as he booted it up. "It's time to show them what the future is..."
"What... what am I...?" The new Navi shifted his body, examining his strange limbs and torso. "So... blocky..."

"Heh. You just don't know the capabilities of your systems." Joseph smirked, as the diagnostics came out perfect--He had finally succeeded. "Welcome back into the world, my Navi."

"What? Wait, who are you?" The Navi pointed its right arm at the holographic head, clearly not knowing who his Operator was.

"I'm your father, programmer, and Operator." Joseph's amusement grew--it appeared that the memories were lost. "I am Joesph Magnus, and you are my Navi, Frag.exe."

"Why do I look so... clunky?" Frag sighed, as he accepted the situation.

"You're designed for utility, not aesthetics." Joseph retorted. "Don't worry--your potential more than outshines your disarming appearance." Grinning with anticipation, he initiated the connection to the Net. "As we'll test--now!"

"Wait, what are you--" Frag's protest was lost, as he was sent directly into NetFrica Net.
Stowing his PET in the breast pocket, Joseph slipped on his blazer and strode quickly outside. In the bright sun, his eyes flashed an angry bloodred--he loathed the heat here. Determined to linger in the sun as little as possible, Joseph boarded the next Metro and headed to a cooler climate--SciLabs.