Fujiwara Research Center

Hopping off a plane from Electopia, Shin headed toward the Yumland FantasyLand research center. It was time for a change.

Spotting his tall Electopian father with shaggy black hair and beard, the self-proclaimed ace ran up, calling him out.

"Ah, what brings you here today?" Shin's father inquired, stroking his hairy chin.

"Well, Red has a request," Shin began, handing his PET over while Red popped up in her life-sized hologram form.

"I want to be a Ground subtype!" the crimson crusader shouted. The idea seemed to have come out of the blue, but Shin's father smiled kindly and kneeled down to get in eye-level of Red while patting her on the head (even though that really wasn't possible).

"Now, why would you want to do that? The Wind Mistress designator you already possess is good enough to serve whatever may come your way, isn't it?" the scientist wondered.

"It's great, it really is, but I'm thinking that my battle routines have been centered more around terraforming lately! So I want to utilize that to the max!" Red whined, startling Shin into thought.

It was true that the majority of their battles so far had utilized the enemies' weaknesses more often than not. It was really probably that Planeswalker event and the chip they received from it that really prompted terrain manipulation as part of the duo's strategy. Heck, they even had one of the rarest terrain chips in all of history at the moment.

"It seems you agree, my dear son. Well, I'll deal with the necessary code rewrites. Why don't you talk with Shuilong for a bit? I bet you two have lots of catching up to do," Shin's father suggested, gesturing him toward an office chair in front of a control panel. It seemed Shuilong's PET was docked and linked here.

"Heh, I guess I will," Shin replied, taking up the offer and sliding toward the console.

"How are you doing, old friend?"

"Heh, bout time you came to visit."

"It's been a while...."

"Then tell me about it," the water dragon navi roared, grinning as he supervised his area.
"...looks like you've been through a lot. And champion? Man, remember that other tournament we did? That was pretty fun," Shuilong chuckled as Shin's father came back into the room.

"Oh dad, how'd it go?" Shin asked, swiveling to face the researcher and standing up.

"No problems. Red's pretty much anchored in terms of midair combat, but there's some interesting things you'll be able to do," Shin's dad said, handing over the PET. "Also, her support program's was pretty insistent on changing some of her attack aspects as well so I did the necessary procedures and she's better than ever too."

"Aw, you didn't have to do that," Shin said, bowing in appreciation as he got his PET back.

"It.... was faster, this way," Myun spoke up, a bit shy.

"Yeah, I guess. Alright, thanks dad. And see ya later Shuilong!" the self-proclaimed ace called back, running to who knows where.

"Hmph, he's still so childish," Shuilong grumbled, crossing his arms.

"It'll be good if they both develop together, with that playfulness," Shin's father commented, chuckling as he went back to work.