Rafael found himself wandering down the streets of Yumland whilst talking to Lavaman. They were having a nice little chat, and suddenly Lavaman had the idea to start virusbusting.

"Why?" asked Rafael.

"I don't know, exactly," replied Lavaman. "But I don't feel strong enough. I feel like I should be able to handle something better than a shotgun."

"Suit yourself," said Rafael, and jacked Lavaman into the nearest port.
He had caught the train into ACDC, looked at the prices in the Chip Shop and come back to Yumland. He still needed some more money to buy the Sword chip. Lavaman chose a port at random from a nearby computer shop and connected to the Internet. He decided to go to Google and find as many ads as possible - they were filled with viruses.

Not long afterwards, he found one that told him he had won a laptop. He activated it and waited for the viruses to try and invade his PET.