Shin's Sharo Visits.

It took about an hour by Insta-jet to get here, and it sure was cold as ever. Shin let out a low breath that frosted out as he zipped up a fleece-version of his normal black hoodie. Shivering slightly, the self-proclaimed ace walked out of the terminal and wandered around for a while, before resting on a bench.

"So..." Shin started, covering his eyes with his hand, dangling one arm loosely as he grasped his PeT.

"So...?" Red repeated, turning her head at Shin curiously as she assumed her hologram form again, plopping down on the end of the bench.

"What..." Shin started again, sighing as he looked over at his navi, who was fully dressed in that warm weather .GMO he designed a while back. "...are we going to do here anyway?"

"Hm, I guess it's more of a change of pace, but it was something to get you out of that heat," Red giggled, kicking her legs rhythmically as if she was pleased with herself.

Scratching his forehead and sighing again, Shin glanced around. It really didn't feel like he could do anything here at the moment, so...

"...I guess, I'll start with a meal. Let's see if there are any good Borscht places close-by, eh?" Shin suggested, winking at Red, who giggled as she went back into the PeT.

"Very well, I'll pull out a location right in a jiffy," Red replied, curtsying as she accessed the Internet City forums.

"...plug... in," Shin muttered, pressing the button on the PeT as he pointed the device at a ceiling light. Sighing, Shin trudged along, wondering if there was someone he could ask...

[Furs.GMO active]
[Jack In]

It had been a while... but Shin decided to go back home to ACDC.

The insta-jet was all paid for. It was time to depart.