Sharo. Land of the cold. Land of snow, ice, and military. Sharo, where the ovens bake you. A land of inside jokes, and, a home to Siro Eterna. He was laying in the middle of a snow field, all by himself. No parka, just his normal clothes. He liked the cold. He lived in it. He lived ON it. Snowman didn't mind, he wasn't cold. The PET was sitting next to Siro, almost shaking due to Snowman's eagerness to get into a fight. Siro was taking a nap. Why in the middle of a blizzard? In a snow field? Cause he could.

"Come ON! I want to fight someone! I haven't sparred in hours!" Snowman called. Siro ignored him, instead looking at the sky. He was tired, but bored because of it. He had nothing to do. "Ever wonder what the rest of the world is like? I mean, outside Sharo. I've never been anywhere else.... only here. I wonder if they have snow." He said, picking up some and eating it. Snowman rolled his eyes and made the PET ski around Siro.

"Come ON Siro! Let's bust some viruses! Or find someone to beat up! I wanna brawl, I wanna break loose! I wanna--" "You wanna SHUT UP!" Siro interrupted. Snowman was starting to get on his nerves, but he did have a point. They hadn't net battled in a while, and that was the reason Siro went to take a nap in the first place. "Eh. I'll take a nap. Snowman, go sleep mode till someone wakes us, or I do. Whatever comes first." He said, closing his eyes.