It was unusual for Aries to be in Sharo, most of his missions were in Netopia or Netfrica, or other places that either had highly advanced viruses or inadequate firewalls. He also didn't have what you would call a 'close knit family.' In truth, Aries was not here for any of those reasons, Aries was here to visit the military tech expo, which he had special tickets too.

Sharo was very proud of it's military equipment, and even more protective. Getting these tickets was about about as easy as getting a room in a hotel on the night of the inauguration of the new Netopian president, only with more security measures. But Aries was that passionate about these things, nothing, and he meant nothing would keep him from the conference.

What had drawn his attention was the release of some knew battlechips and programs that had been mass produced for military use, this meant before now they were extremely rare if they would be in a military expo. Aries was excited to the point of running around like a little kid in an amusement park.

However he was still not allowed to cross the street, only one lane of cars had been allowed to go for over 20 minutes. Aries hated to get involved if no money was involved, but today was special. Against his code (and better judgement) he decided to jack-into the light and see what what was wrong.