...Oh yes it is! But then, although I am unable to lie, I must admit that although your long wait is indeed over, the specific thing that you await may not have yet arrived.

Nevertheless... the wait is over. Bandicoons will be hanging on the nets before long, stealing your shiny stuff. Congratulations to everyone who participated in our special Userchip/Virus contest-- the event was a great success, and your friends in the Mod-Cave are already preparing to bring you the next one.

On the subject of waiting, specifically, GODAWFUL, MONTH-LONG, SPOON-YOUR-EYES-OUT LONG waiting for something that's supposed to take less than a week, a brilliant new idea has been suggested by your friend and mine, the brilliant and beautiful Eon Omega. What kind of waiting? Well, just for example, how long was it between moddage for the Cybeast Battles?

Yes, yes, I know. The pile of rubble for mod-stoning is on the left. Anyway, such threads will now be modded in only a few days!!

The quick version is that after a certain number of members has posted, the thread will be modded very quicky and all members who have not posted are considered to have spent the round defending themselves. The exact phrasing of the rule can be found here.

Finally, we would like to apologize on behalf of the NetPolice and World News Servers for some unexpected downtime issues due to unknown causes. The suspects are being questioned as we speak, and services should be restored shortly.