I know there was already one. But it fell off the list. And we might be canning that storyline. So shhhhhhh.

After a long night of tinkering with his PET, sleep had been a wonderful release for his mind, and a much-needed rest for his burning eyes. The next morning, Kazu was somewhere between happy and irritated that Pianissimo was already buzzing around his laptop, eager to jump into the Net. Kazu always woke up easily, but this morning he felt especially rested. The sun was shining through the window above his bed brightly, illuminating the sun-dust in the air in a way that he wasn't all that familiar with. A hot strip of sunlight blazed across the covers on his chest. Taking care not to disturb the lithe, sleeping form next to him, Kazu slowly climbed out of bed, picked up his laptop and PET, and crept into the living room, trying to make as little noise as he possibly could with his feet on the cold, hard carpet.

"All right, all right," said Kazu after he put the computer down, trying to sound cheerful. He checked the clock. 8:30, very late for him. How late had he been up with the PET's shell open? "I can tell you're eager to try out your upgrades, Memoriam. Well... let's do it."