Training Time

Shin, with his usual lazy self, decided it was time for him to break out into virus busting once again. It had been a while since he had gone out on his own to bust viruses. Of course there were the ones he had to bust during class, but those were only simple viruses that weren't any REAL threat to him or his navi. Shin walked threw the snowy streets of Sharo, saying hi to some people that he had classes with on the way to his destination. When Shin finally reached the street light that connected to the Sharo net, he quickly whipped out his PET. His navi at the time was currently in sleep mode, until Shin woke him up that is.

*Yawn*.....Nice to be awake again, sir. Tekkai said as he did a little stretching. Good morning Tekkai. You remember what we talked about last night....right? Shin asked with a serious look. Tekkai started to nod his head as he replied. Of course I do. We must start busting viruses as training again, so we can become even stronger. With that said, Shin prepared himself as he completed the proper preparation with the jack in port.

Jack In, Tekkai!
After logging Tekkai out of the net, Shin took a little while longer to walk around Sharo, and wander the streets before starting to head out. Shin quickly began to have his programs heal his navi while in the PET. How are you feeling Tekkai? Shin asked. I feel a lot better now, thanks. Tekkai replied with a nod. Good, because our training is not over yet....we are heading over to train with some weaker viruses, since we barely managed to win this last battle, we cannot take that risk anymore. We are heading to the ACDC area... Shin said as he headed for the Metro. They're next training destination...ACDC.

((Heading to ACDC Town from here))