Jeffrey and his navi Hawkman were entering Sharo from ACDC and said One of these netops is going to be our opponet soon enough. Right said Hawkman.

Jeffrey says "I challenge any navi to a battle"
They were in the Net for mere minutes before something provoked them into battle. Kazu was waiting for a train, and already he was being challenged. It wasn't addressed directly at them, but they heard it through Kazu's microphone.

As a featureless white figure roaming the Net they were free to feel nothing, think nothing. They merely existed. However, Titania, who had been trying to warm her limbs, and Oberon, who was trying to chill his rage from the previous battle, both felt something odd as they walked through the Net on this particular day. Perhaps it was misdirected anger on Oberon's part, or perhaps it was an overdeveloped desire to protect Sharo's net from any and all threats or nuisances on Titania's part.

Either way, the buffoon issuing an open challenge had Titania and Oberon royally pissed. The white-bodied Navi sprouted twin swords from its knuckles and stood at the ready, itching to be called into action.

Kazu could not help but notice a low grumble in his earpiece and the shift to the face of Oberon on the display of his custom PET. He also could not help but notice an idiot wanting to get his Navi deleted.

"You!" He said loudly, pointing at the young boy with his PET. "You think you're a Netbattler? Let's go, right now!"