Pamela Spring gave a deep inward breath as she sat along the shoreline, taking in the salty Beach Street air, listening to the waves crash against the shore.

It had been a few weeks since Pam had moved from Yoka, and she was glad to have moved so close to the beach. She enjoyed the water more than anyone else she knew, and even though it had been great working at the old inn, she relished the opportunity to be so close to such a wide expanse of water.

"Pam! Pam! Are you alive out there?"

Pam opened her eyes, and reached down next to her, retrieving her PET, containing what could only be called the living embodiment of her life's passion.

"Come on, Eau, I was just getting relaxed!" Pam said to the liquid Navi.

"Sorry," Eau replied. "But you said we were finally going to go on the Net today. I've been looking forward to this for a while, I've only ever been in the Onsen's server. I'm just excited at the potential to meet some new Navis!"

"Alright, Eau, settle down. We'll find a port around here somewhere," Pam replied. Sure enough, there was a structure nearby, made to look like a post from a long washed-away pier. Pam connected to it, and Eau was sent into the net.