Playing Hookie

"Beach Street," The bus driver anounced. Fai blinked, pulled out of her day dream that she had been having while staring out the bus window. She stood up and quickly exited the vehicle. "Beach street?" Boeman queried from her shoulder bag. Fai pulled out the PET. "Why are we here?" "Where else would we play hookie?" Fai said sticking her tongue out at him playfully. Boeman raised an eyebrow. "Besides, it's a pretty day, not as lonely as that empty house." Boeman silently agreed to that. The midday hustle of the Beach peir was nice. Up above there was overcast, so the crowd wasn't big at all. Fai was smiling, loosening her scarf to adjust to the warm climate. A soft wind took care of that however, ruffling her hair and tossing the hem of her scarf out behind her as she walked down the peir. Her destination was a small cafe with an open deck overlooking the water. It was a bar-like setting, with bamboo poles supporting the porch, and a tan elderly man running the bar. It was passed lunch time already, so the cafe was fairly empty. Fai ordered a strawberry smoothie and found a nice outdoor table on the deck. A large yawning cast a cool shade over her seat, and the wind was angled just perfectly to float inside. Fai brought out a mini-laptop from her shoulder bag and connected to the cafe's wii-fii. She placed Boeman's PET beside it. "I must say, I've never seen you quite so enthused." "Anything beats another afternoon of gym class," Fai said with a grin. "Anyway, are you ready?" "I'm ready, jack me in." "Jack-in confirmed!" Fai brought out the USB port and plugged the PET into the laptop. The tender came at that moment and set a large strawberry smoothie on her table. Fai grinned and took a long sip. Connection was a-go.

((To: Internet City))
Fai sighed with relief once the USB was removed from the laptop, and Boeman appeared safely in the PET. On the table, Fai's glass was empty of its strawberry smoothie, and there was a little dish of complementary peanuts that she had been working through, the shells in a neat little pile in the corner.
"Boe, are you okay?"
"Nothing some repair from my operator won't fix," Boeman answered confidently. He sounded better already, and Fai smiled.
"Good, that was really fun wasn't it?"
"I'll admit, it was better that sitting through PE class."
Fai laughed, "Told you." The girl began gathering her things, repacking the laptop, and leaving money for the bill on the table. Outside, the sun was setting, falling down into the orange ocean. Fai paused to admire it for a moment before hearing the squeak of bus tires down the road. She turned and jogged toward the vehicle. "What should we do now Boe?!"
" 'Now'? Shouldn't we be getting home? Don't you have homework?" The Navi asked, bewildered by Fai's actions. Fai made a little turn and jumped onto the bus.
"Okay fine, homework, but let's jack-in again soon. I've noticed the microwave has been acting a little finicky."
"Whatever you say kid, whatever you say." Boeman shook his head fondly, wondering what kind of 'monster' he had created.