Beaches and Shores

The sun beat down relentlessly on the sidewalk as Zeo strolled along the beachfront. He stopped for a moment and looked up at the sun, shielding his eyes. "Wow, this place is great. Why have I never come here before?" He pulled his PET from its holster to allow his Navi to respond.

"Maybe it's because your parents never bothered and you were always in your room until just recently? Besides, I thought nerds hated the sun?" ViralMan smiled and chuckled at his own comment. Zeo pointed the PET screen directly at the sun in retaliation. ViralMan's unshielded eyes received a full blast of sunlight, causing him to cringe and cry out.

Rubbing his face with a hand, ViralMan protested. "Ugh, that was worse than the signs back in NetVegas..." Apparently recovered now, he raised his palms into the air. "Sorry for having a sense of humor." Wary of another attack, ViralMan's helmet materialized on his head with the dark visor covering his eyes.

"No permanent harm done," Zeo noted. "Like you said, sorry for having a sense of humor." ViralMan apparently didn't think the boy's actions were humorous. "I know you. You came here to check out the network, right? Just hurry up and send me in." Zeo gave a mock sigh. "And you call me a nerd? All right, hold on a sec."

The closest streetlight held a usable port, so Zeo pointed the PET at the pole and sent his Navi into the beach network.
Once ViralMan had been successfully extricated from the Net, Zeo retreated into the shade. "Ugh, why did I stand out in the sun that whole time? My right arm is completely sunburned," he said, prodding the arm gingerly. "It's better than having pasty white skin, and your other arm looks properly tanned at least." ViralMan's words didn't do much to comfort the boy.

"Whatever, let's get out of here. I need to find something cold to put on this and we've stayed long enough anyway." Upon stepping into the sunlight again, Zeo winced and shielded his burned arm from the sun as he crossed Beach Street towards the Metroline. "Maybe we'll go shopping; that always helps to lift my spirits...." He scraped his arm numerous times during his descent into the station, finally shutting off his PET once ViralMan's smirk became a bit too much to bear.