Wes stepped out of the Metro and started wandering around the area. It was surprisingly dead, "Sheesh, aren't places like this normal busy?"

"Well, considering the time of day and the crappy weather, this is going to be one of the few times the streets are empty. Everyone probably headed back to there hotels by now." Majinman said, "A shame... that means there won't be anyone on the beach."

After a few minutes of walking the clouds above starting sprinkling a few drops, "Its starting to drizzle." Wes clicked something on his PET, "If the reports are right, the pace will probably pick up soon."

"Then shouldn't you move inside?" Majinman suggested.

"No, I like the rain. My immune system's pretty good, too, so I won't get sick. In any case, that's enough time wasted. Junior, are you ready?" Wes asked, readying his PET.

"Yes." Junior replied.

"Fine, here goes." Wes picked a random plug in point and sent in his navi. He then looked around for something else to do, since just slotting in chips wasn't exactly what he considered action packed, "Geez, there's nothing to do. Next time I'm ignoring any suggestions and going whereever the heck I feel like."
"Well, that was uneventful." Wes commented as he brought Junior from out of the net, "Guess you can e-mail your sis back while we wait here."

"Hmmm... sounds like she wants to hang out." Junior said.

"Well, if you're going somewhere else, drop me back off at the homepage. Since only one of us can train at a time, it makes more sense for me to stay behind in the base and go through some of the old data." Majinman spoke up.

"That makes sense. If that's the case, I don't really need to store you in the PET with Junior... I can just swap you two out at the homepage whenever I need a change of pace." Wes said, "I can sell this upgrade and use that money to buy what must be bought."

"Well then, let's head out. I'm looking forward to getting some work done." said Majinman. With a nod, Wes complied and headed to ACDC.