Eyes skimming down the monitor, Kite continued his assigned reading for his Astronomy class. On his desk his PET sat in desk's slot for it, the screen displaying diagrams from the text. The workload for his classes was heavier than he had expected, having mostly breezed through schooling up until this point. For one who rarely spent time in libraries, a good part of his week now consisted of using the corner study room on the second floor. Through the speakers in the room, a soft string melody played. This weekly ritual of studying had been an interesting addition to Kite's life after entering Dentech University, and while he hadn't really made any new friends here, he hadn't really been making the effort.

On his Terminal screen, appearing over the diagram, the masked face of Kite's Navi, Prominence.EXE appeared. "You know, your assignment was only to read to the end of chapter 3."

Kite kept on reading without replying to Prominence, he knew full well he was reading past his assignment. What's so bad about being a little ahead of the class after all? "Could you move that new diagram to the main screen please?" Kite asked to his Navi, eyes still locked on his textbook.

Prominence, waved his hand as the diagram moved over the text on the main screen, eyes closing and shaking his head with a sigh. "Being ahead of one your studies is one thing, but your history reading is still sitting unread and its due tomorrow morning.

Kite stuttered a bit in his scrolling, he had been putting off his worst subject as much as he could and certainly didn't like being called out on it, even if everything Prominence said was true. He kept reading down, planning on just finishing the page he was on. As he neared the end of the page, however, Prominence started up again.

"You can't excel in one class just to fall back in another Kite. If you ever expect to keep going with your main focus, you'll have to keep your weaknesses in check too."

Finishing his page, Kite closed his eyes and stretched his arms up, letting out a soft groan. Standing up from his seat to stretch a little after his studying, Kite didn't really appear to acknowledge what his Navi was telling him, instead making another request. "Prominence, can you please make the window transparent again?

Without a word, the large window to the outside tinted slightly for privacy, diffused its tint to reveal the noontime sun illuminating the campus. Kite had only been studying for about two hours, having eaten a snack about halfway through. He still needed to finish his history reading as his Navi had reminded him of, but that could wait a little.

"How about a break? We haven't had a lot of time to surf the net since we moved in, how about we go see if we can't grind out some virus busting."

Prominence sighed, he didn't like being ignored, though from Kite it wasn't quite so bad. It was true he was getting bored just waiting around while Kite studied. His design may have been based on the stars, but he lacked the interest in them that Kite had. In truth, being able to move about the net again will be refreshing, but he had to temper his excitement with discipline for Kite. "Alright, but just for a little while. I'm not letting you sleep until your history reading is done though."

"Great! Jack I-Kite this desk is already connected to the internet"

With a quick motion, Kite nabbed the PET from the desk, smiled slightly, and said once again, "Jack In! Prominence! Execute!"

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