First Virus/Chip Contest!

That's right, it's the day you've all been waiting for, provided of course you miss the days when user-created virii roamed the Net.

We will be implementing one round of "contest winners" a month into the Net, around the 15th, although this date may change depending on circumstances. Only one entry may be made per contest category, so make it count- submit your very best ideas! This month, there will only be one category.

Starting as soon as you read this, we will be accepting entries for a Virus/Chip Combo with a "Mascot" theme-- that is, a versatile enemy/chip that can be used for many purposes, in many different areas. Megaman has Metool, which can be found freakin' everywhere and in many different forms-- let this iconic enemy be your guide as you design your Virus/Chip.

I do not believe that a reward will be neccecary to motivate our fine members to throw ideas around, but if sufficient demand is shown, then in future months a reward may be offered for the winner, and possibly for "Honorable Mentions."

Good luck, designers!
Registrations for the First Virus/Chip Contest ends at the beginning of June, when the voting begins! If you want in on the action, send in your designs NOW!