College Credit

"My head hurts..."

Xenneth Hikari complained as he ran his palm against his forehead and sighed looking around the dorm room. It was still rather plain compared to any other dorm room...if you ignored the fact that there were a lot of green and blossoming colors with them. The room was filled with plans, flowers, and many different types of watering pails and cans. The only faulty shading of black color was probably that which showed in the soil; but even then it was rich.

Xenneth sat at his desk pulled in front of the window. There was a cascading, gentle lunar light that flowed through it and hit the back of his computer screen, a lone yellow rose that sat in a glass vase, and a small little fountain that rolled water through the bottom and made a small water wheel turn. The design of the small structure was that of a reservoir flowing out of a mountain; both parting gifts for becoming a "man" in school with such high-grades which gave him an exceptional GPA when it came to botany and plants.

However, when it came to technology, Xenneth obviously was not good at this simple aspect!

"Oy!" Xenneth had begun, "Busting was a little harder than I thought it would be. I liked it a little better when I was just reading about it."

"How about a little more practice, then?" Megami started. Xenneth hearing this looked to the window and lifted a brow after hearing such a statement. "Or perhaps it is a little too late?"

Xenneth had given that excuse last time, but really, the sun was only setting and there was plenty of time left in the day. However, he had been putting off busting because he was simply scared to do such a thing. His sister was the only one good handling a NetNavi, but she did not handle one...or whatever she called that "thing" that she swore was a program. Compared to his own, Xenneth's NetNavi was just as weird considering Megami was nothing he had ever seen when it came to other custom NetNavis. She had no sense of navigation, but her skills (or rather instincts) were undeniable.

There was something special about her outside and inside of battle; and both made him feel safe.

"No, we have time." Xenneth had said as he reached picking up Megami's P.E.T. I think we should go back to ACDC Town. This time, however, it's not simply for homework.

Xenneth pointed the P.E.T. towards his computer, readying as he aligned the inferred light with the Jack-In Port. His head nodded as he had prepared himself to jack-in to the computer.

"Jack-In, Megami.EXE! Power Up!"

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"Megami-chan? Megami-chan!"

The boot-up was going just "splendid," a tone of sarcasm in his eye-roll. So far, Megami's praises and chants of believing in themselves have gotten them in a fine mess, not to mention the one lone NetNavi that was still logged in fighting off a bunch of Shrubby viruses with only a sword and a riddle of barricades. Xenneth was not sure if he could just stand by watch.

No...scratch that. Xenneth could NOT just stand by and watch. Just seeing the NetNavi, the one he resented with his smart aleck remarks and arrogant nature made him burn with a feel of jealousy.

"He's doing much better than me..." Xenneth uttered lowly gazing around his room riddled with textbooks and papers, "Megami is so polite but strong, and this guy is just so...rude! Still...him and his Net Op are surviving so much better than Megami and I can. Why is that?!"

He looked to his books, papers, and his computer that still had his P.E.T. plugged in, but yet Megami was still upon the display of the screen immobile and floating in place. Looking upon her, maybe there was some time to make amends to his hesitation: to stop following instruction booklets and make Megami develop rather than sitting around helpless like he was now.

Like he always had been...

"Okay! I gotta cheer up!" the violet haired boy's cheeks puffed full of air until he looked like a cute blowfish by the face, "I gotta do something instead of just sitting here while Megami tries her best! Maybe I can try to make some changes!"

Xenneth had taken his small hand-held PDA, logging into the ACDC Town's local network while pulling up another window that accessed SciLab's BBS. He needed to reach out for a few resources and try to tend to Megami's repairs to the best of his abilities. There was one definite way he knew how!

"I'll be back in a moment Megami-chan!" Xenneth said happily, "I'll just lock my door and keep you plugged in. Hopefully, I can get some stuff so this won't happen again."

Scurrying quickly, Xenneth ran out of the room and shutting the door behind him. His fingers still moving as he typed in his PDA, planning to do so during the Bus Ride to ACDC Town.

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Xenneth walked-in not even pausing after inserting the key, twisting the door-knob and waltzing into his room. He had not even noticed how he almost caught his front toe in a klutzy manner as he walked, or even looked around his room to notice that his bed sheets were slightly wrinkled from his vibrating phone reminding him he had messages. All he could see was the plugged in P.E.T stretching from the computer to the desktop and walked over in a haste.

"J-just hold on one sec Megami..."

He spoke as if she could hear every word, but he knew the NetNavi was still in Sleep Mode. The display on his computer showed that everything was normal and she had made a full recovery overtime. However, that was not enough for Xenneth. He had taken his P.E.T and begun to boot-up the small application on his computer allowing him to edit her programming slightly. He had clicked the mouse after several precise strokes and sat back while the little bar loaded to a full intoxicating green.

When there was a chime, there was only another key stroke needed, and hesitant click and then a silent wait that made him swallow as if he expected the worst.

"Oh! Xen-kun!" the gentle voice of the female NetNavi was assuring even though the video display did not open up until after. Regardless, he smiled just hearing her voice as she continued, "What happened? I remember so little at the last moment in battle. Did we delete them all?"

Sure, someone would have thought that they had obtained victory from a tenacious fight in the midst of the chaos. However, Megami was hit by a log so quickly that she could not even remember anything but a blast of darkness that taken away her sight at the last moment. Xenneth smile had a gentle sadness as his big blue eyes gazed to the video screen open upon his desktop.

"A-actually, your Emergency Jackout function kicked in. Sorry, Megami-chan but you were knocked out."

Megami blinked as she looked at Xenneth as if she was puzzled. "O-oh..." Megami had said as she seemed to look at Xenneth as if she was confused, "So, should we not jack back in and finish?"

Xenneth now reflected Megami's expression as his head lifted up to see meet her eyes.

"W-what? can we continue? We can't go...-back...?" Xenneth paused hearing himself, and then slapped his forehead, "That's right! Warrior-san is still there and it was just an emergency logout. Our log should still be there to resume! We should get back online!"

Megami smiled, warmly hearing Xenneth. "As you say, 'my thoughts exactly,' yes?" Megami said causing for Xenneth to press the log button on his P.E.T. With a nod, a hesitant smile, he gazed at the screen determined to not repeat the same mistake.

"Megami.EXE! Relogging-in!"

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