Dentech University Library

Joanne paused, picking up a book. In actual physical form. The library still had these, for some odd reason. She wasn't really sure why. So she asked.

"Kah-seur," she enunciated, making sure to extend the syllables just enough (to annoy him, of course,) "Why are there these wastes of trees in the college library?"

"The same reason you waste oxygen." Traceur replied without hesitation, the virtual simulation smirking as he sat in cyberspace, his automatic revolver laid out before him, disassembled.

"That was rude." Joanne's tone and expression implied supreme indifference, contrary to her words.

"I'm aware." Traceur picked up the frame of his gun, inspecting it. "You know, I think this has the glitches in it. Mind doing a system restore on it later? It might have been the disuse. Cobwebs or something."

"Sure. Shit. I forgot what I was looking for. Remind me?"

"Development Through Life: A Psychosocial Approach." Rattling the title off was the easy bit. "Want me to try find excerpts of what you're looking for?"

"Uhhh," was the witty return.

Traceur grinned, shrugging. "Let me know if you need more help."


Joanne resumed walking along the Library's aisle, trying to remember half-thoughts of the Dewey Decimal System. It wasn't working very well.

"Who was-"

"Newman and Newman."

"Thanks." There was a pause as Jo flicked her finger over books. "Don't think it's here."

"What would you like to do, then?"

"Aside from grumble at my brother for... Let's plug you in, I guess."

"Hm." The gun pieces flew into the air, assembling themselves as Traceur positioned his hands in the air around them. He spun his hands to the side, looking the finished product over. "I still think it's glitchy. Oh well. Let's go, then."
"Have you seen my sister? Baggy hoodie, pony tail, maybe looking a little upset?" Travis asked the check-out desk. One lady shook her head, another pointed toward the reserved section. Travis headed off that way after an awkward "Thanks."

"Traceur, just look for a copy of the damned book already. He doesn't really deserve anything more anyway. " Joanne was getting a little worked up, but managed to keep her voice at a harsh whisper.

"It's not that big of a deal, Jo. I just placed myself in a wait-state, and ran maintenance every so often after I realized I was being muffled by a pile of laundry." The statement was matter-of-fact, without any spiteful intention behind it, but it was probably not the right thing to say to Joanne.

"He's gonna- Oh, hi, Trav. We were just talking about you."

"I'm sure. Here's the stuff you asked for. Did you find the book I need?"

Joanne growled out a response in the negative, and Travis shrugged. "...Get it to me when you can, I guess." He stalked off, leaving the purchase in her outstretched hand.