As any good college student would know, comic books are always a brimming source of inspiration into one's imagination! Superheroes in spandex fighting crime can be a source of inspiration brimming from the fountain of childhood! Someone who knows this quite a bit is a woman named Magritte Saxena, whose currently opening her store the "Titanic Nova"

The store itself was pretty quaint in the electopian standards of decorations, lightning bolts laid around the neon yellow sign, comic centerfolds of certain superheroes as well as pictures of well-received ones such as Dimensionman. Inside, different people of every ethnicity seemed to already entered the store: buying up comics, reading them against the rules, talking about the ludicrous changes between different artist's renditions of a hero/heroine.

However, Magritte took great pains to ignore her parents's intrusion into the store...

Her mother seemed to be taking the superhero-ing too far as she was dressed up in her "Gran Arpia outfit": An electrifying spandex outfit with thunderbolts laid around, leaving only her head bare with a luchadora's mask. She would be flexing about in an attempt to s how off her physique to all the boys; Some would actually be gaping an awe and actually flustered by this. She would say things like "The Gran Arpia thoroughly " Her father would force himself on the cash register, the sheepish man taking the money.

Magritte seemed to be sighing to herself, a few strands of her blonde hair covering one eye as if to agree with her thoughts, deciding to plug in her blue lightning decorated PET to the net in order to distract herself from the takeover of her store.