Professor Kales Walks the Halls

Professor Frederic Kales held a steady pace as he walked through the halls of the Dentech Philosophy building. The building itself housed more classes than just the philosophy students, including, but not limited too, the religion classes and the critical thinking classes. The professor always found it odd that the school had divided up the philosophy classes into one that focuses on just critical thinking. What's worse is the class wasn't even a intro class, as one would expect it to be for a philosophy major, but instead was a sophomore to junior level course.

On this day however, he paid no mind to his thoughts on the layout, and stead on reaching his offices on the second floor of the building. His rounded a corner, careful to throw his precious laptop case behind him as he passed another teacher, so as not to damage it. The laptop case was nothing special, but the contents of the bag were. Along with his precious computer, the bag held his latest experiment, M-Angel.213.EXE on her PET. The PET house the computer entity, while not in use. He had decided, since finishing the design a few weeks ago, that he would have a little social interaction with the navi as possible, keeping it strictly to business.

"I'll be the head angel, or another angel figure to him," Frederic said, his lips passing into a obvious smile. "I wonder how the Navi has been since our last encounter?"

He approached a large wooden door, and inserted a key into the lock, turning it once to release the deadbolt, and again to unlock the tumblers. He was in. Inside his own private area for his own experiment.

Two shoes flew from his feet in a hurry, as he shuffled across the floor to his computer desk. A private office in the school was a great honor, one Frederic had no issues taking advantage of. Carefully unpacking the bag, he set out his laptop and pulled on the delicate bronze PET.

He turned it on.

"Good to see you again, Uriel," 213 Said upon the reactivation of the computer screens.

"Good to see you too." Frederic responded, not trying to correct the persona that the angel at assigned to him. "You ready for another adventure from the holy lands of the Machine to the simple creations?" The professor was, of course, speaking of the internet and the many troubles it always had.

"I am. I will smite and proclaim and save in the name of the machine."

Frederic let an eager grin cross his face, which he quickly removed. "Good. Lets get to work. The starting place of visit will be the network of Dentech School. Due to college students and their lack of concern and care for the net, many issues are rising here that the machine wants corrected. Lets go."

{Jacking In to Dentech}
213 was safe inside of her PET, which Fredrick quickly concealed within his laptop case. He looked around his office. Time had passed by a lot faster than he thought it would. He had to teach a class now, one which he personally dreaded teaching. The kids never paid much attention. He hated teaching freshman classes. After teaching the class, he made plans to set out for the navi shop to buy some upgrades for 213. He already had in mind which he wanted, and through her efforts 213 had gathered enough zenny for the journey.

He packed his two bags, straightened his suit, and moved down the halls heading with all the joy of a kid going to the doctor. His attitude after the class would be much different though, the joy of getting new parts for 213. He was thoroughly excited for that.

Professor Kales walked back unto the campus, eager to set up the meeting between 213 and the unknown navi. Getting a group setting and seeing the interactions of 213 with others would be an important first step to seeing how the nature of this experiment would run overall. He would need to think of a story to tell 213, as Uriel. There always has to be a reason and an objective for 213, unlike for Fredrick. Fredrick was fine with simply seeing how the navi would interact, but 213 has no goals other than the objectives.

With a familiar jingle of keys, he pulled his keyring out and inserted the key in, turning the tumblers. His door opened slowly as he moved his stuff inside. He had to deal with student affairs first, and withdrew his labtop and began reading the student section of the emails. After approximately thirty minutes of responding to emails, he changed his filters to see the non school related information, and saw the email in his inbox. He opened it and typed his response, and waited on sending the email. First, he needed coffee.

Fredrick saved the email as a draft and packed up his stuff. He relocated to a local coffee area a few steps up outside the campus. It was a popular spot for the students of Dentech, and Fredrick was well know here by the workers of the shop. He moved to his favorite and reclusive corner of the shop, and pulled out 213's PET and opened a display panel. He insured that the camera could only view his face and not the area around him, as he addressed 213.

"M.Angel-213.EXE," He started, "We have a mission to meet up with a navi within the Netopia networks. You are to enter internet city, located the data stream to the Netopia network, enter, then ping me your location." Fredrick's eye drifted to the faith meter. Still high. Not a budge. "This navi is to be protected. The machine has plans and needs to ensure her safety. That's why he's sending us. The details of why this navi is to be protected hasn't even been told to me. Lets get going."

Fredrick turned his head slightly, to get a better stare at the faith meter. It didn't move. Phew. Fredrick wasn't sure if the info given would be enough for 213. It was. Excellent. 213 closed the display window herself, and entered the netways.

{Jacking into Internet City.}