It was Zero's first day at the university and he only had a few classes. After he unloaded his stuff at his dorm he rushed off to his first class; computer science. The class was ok, a little boring, but ok. Zero even managed to write some notes between sleeping and daydreaming.

His next classes were also boring but it gave Zero time to draw in his note book and plan the rest of his day. "I'll go back to my dorm, set up my system and see what's up with the net. I may even find a job for some quick zenny," thought Zero as the bell rang for the end of class.

After class Zero went back to his dorm room and started setting up his "Command Center." In his one bedroom dorm Zero set up his computer in the bedroom. His computer was custom build from the ground up all contained in a huge black case. Three LCD monitors lined his wall and each had a different display. He threw his bed in the living room along with a flat screen tv, a couch and a little glass coffee table.

When Zero was finally done, he unpacked his arm bracer and his PET from one of the boxes and turned it on. "Hey Zero how was your first day?" said Kyzer. "Ok, I guess. It was a little boring but it could have been worse. So, you wanna jump on the net and see whats going on?" said Zero. "Sure, but why didn't you take me to class with you?" asked Kyzer inquisitively. "I forgot to grab my PET before I left for class. Sorry, I would have been late for class but lets go bust some viruses," said Zero. "No problem, lets go!" Said Kyzer excitedly.

(Jack In - DenTech Net)