Shin's Dentech Excursions

Getting off the metroline, Shin breathed in the fresh air of the academy and saw students walking around, some skipping class, some going to class, and others already in classrooms.

"What a nice place," Shin commented nostalgically.

"Does it remind you of school?" Red inquired.

"Kind of... Right, let's get working. Fast tournament preparations and all," Shin said, looking around for a jack-in spot. Spotting a public telephone, the ace walked over and pointed his PET at it.

"Plug-in, Red_Riding_Hood.exe, Transmission," Shin whispered.
Stretching from the latest excursion, Shin sighed as he went back to the metroline.

It was time for more shopping.
"It's been a while," Shin mused as he stepped off the metroline. Red had fallen silent, grudgingly accepting that there was nothing she could do but go along with the mission.

"Yeah..." Red muttered, distracted.

"Nervous?" Shin asked nonchalantly, walking over to a phone booth.

"Promise me it won't be too bad when you design it," Red replied, grimacing.

"It'll be a whole new look. I think you'll like it," Shin said, trying to dispel his navi's fears of the .GMO he was giving her once they were done with this mission.

"Oh, all right, I'll try it out for a bit," Red grumbled, she and her rabbit companion jacking in.
Shin, jacking out, sighed as he processed a post on the mission board, pocketed his PET and set his sights on the metroline.

It was time...
After getting a good deal of rest yesterday night, Shin decided to head out for a change of pace. After using a random number generator, he decided to go take a walk around Dentech University.

"Ah~ Nice weather today!" Shin exclaimed, stretching in the air as he sat down on a bench, just people watching.

"Looks like the weather forecast was right this time~" Red giggled.

"Sure it is," Shin said. After a while, he moved to the library. "Well that's interesting," Shin mused, examining one volume before putting it back and looking through another one.

"What is it?" Red inquired, curious.

"...These books are electronic. The pages are made from Solid Vision holograms. This is kind of neat.... and they have their own network...." Shin explained, putting the book back and walking around the shelves. "Hey Red, see if there's anything interesting if we go through the database."

"Alrighty, which floor may I take you to?" Red giggled, operating like a concierge.

"Basement 1," Shin replied, finding a jack-in point in a bookshelf. "Plug In!"

"As you wish," Red replied, beaming into the library catalog network in a flash.

"Mmm..." Shin mumbled as he tore through the books at amazing speed. The novel was about some kind of historical war between France and Creamland. The story detailed a young Creamland knight who fell into the care of a French maiden and he realized that the war was just meaningless and was started since rivaling nobles were fighting over a piece of cheese. As expected, the knight married the maiden later on.

The Heavy Tome... seemed indecipherable, it was possibly an almanac of some sort, but of what, he couldn't tell. The pictures he found were of many types of creatures that couldn't possibly exist, one looked like a Metool though.

The first manual was on charms for different situations. Some of them looked interesting, so he decided to write a copy into a folder in his PeT.

The second manual was on mining. It was kind of informative.

Sighing, Shin put the books back into the book return and left the library and headed to the metroline. It was time for some shopping.

[Discarded Items: DustyNovel, HeavyTome, Manualx2]
[Item GET: CharmManual.PDF]
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