The big event thread

This thread is for updating by mods mainly, namely whoever is in charge of events. It's more designed to keep mods and players up with the events, whose posted and who hasn't.

EVENT/GROUP(names): STATUS(modded, not modded); PLAYERS STATUS(Names, posted or not posted)

Save the Hospital

Group one: modded; Heat Sonata(posted), Krakatoa, Knight(posted)

Group two: not modded; English Ninja(posted), Robotek(posted), Phoenix(posted)

Group two: not modded; Tom(posted), Lordmarorin(posted), theomegaman009(posted)

Research assistance

Electown: modded; Skyrender(not posted), Aimman(not posted), Kazuhiro(not posted), RevivedSin(not posted), Cindy(not posted)

Sharo: MODDED; Whitey, Majinbooger(posted), LordHotHead(posted), ForteZanzo(posted), PA master(posted)

Yumland: not modded; Savage King(posted), Albel(posted), Zal(posted), Plainswalking Fieldmedic(posted)

Netfrica: not modded; Shuryou(posted), SpaceMonkeySteve(posted), Eon(posted), Lunarlion(posted), Raikotsu(posted)


modded; Wooga(posted,split), PaladinGC(posted), Legoroy(posted)
Sharo has been prematurely modded.