Beauty Is Overrated

Vaelina, also known as the City of Light, where the streets were decorated with seasoned lights of Mid-fall. It was not surprising as its located in the number one country most known for its tourism. The city never ceased to dry of tourists flooding the streets,with its awe-inspiring the monuments and attractions.

Amidst the crowd was a young adolescent boy, casually walking on Chemin des Vertus, a bridge crossing Seine River. He was putting his hands in his pockets and looked rather bored and sleepy.

"I told you would regret taking the long way back home," scolded his tall Navi, from inside its PET.

The boy had just returned from a visit to some hangars owned by his uncle. He owns a blimp advertising company. Zed just recently got off the bullet train and is currently on his way home with his Navi.

"Never said I regretted it, I'm sure you did regret agreeing me before though," chuckled Zed, his operator.

"Of course I did. Now, can we get somewhere that we can jack in? It's been so long since."

"That was yesterday, Chrosa." Zed replied to him with a sigh. "Anyway, we can go do that at a nearby cafe to jack in. Oh, I know a great one! It's just around this corner..." he continued.
"Yeah, great, sure, why not." Chrosa said in a monotonous voice. He was less than pleased. He's not fully accustomed to Zed's ways. Not when they just met him last week.

Zed picked up the pace. He didn't want to make Chrosa wait. Not when he's on boiling point. Besides, he skipped lunch and hadn't eaten since. After several minutes, the boy made his way to the cafe. In front was the chalkboard showing the daily specials.

"Welcome to Saturdays!" a waitress greeted him into the cafe. Zed always thought the name was cheesy. The table beside the entrance was always his spot in any restaurant. Just as he sat down, another waiter noticed Zed and greeted him.

"Now what would you like, sir?" the waiter asked.

"Hmm, the specials look good; maybe a hot cup of cappuccino will do," Zed said immediately after he finished browsing the catalogs. The waiter then went off.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" as Chrosa interrupted his operator fiddling with the silverware.

"You wanted something, right? I could have stopped the waiter earlier if you were faster," he said, forgotting completely what his Navi's requested.

"I did. And you forgot, again," said Chrosa in disappointment. "You keep forgetting stuff, you forget homework, you forget promises and worst of all, you forget that I'm stuck in this digitalized world limited to only half a terabyte!" Chrosa exclaimed. It was good thing Zed was wearing earphones connected to his PET, or the whole cafe would hear him.

"You know, at least you can explore the internet where as I can only wander around Vaelina. I mean, you haven't even geared up fully. Look, you're not even wearing your jacket. And I haven't loaded any Zenny into your PET," commented Zed. He didn't even raise his voice. Zed always knew how to deal with people emotions.

While they were having this delightful conversation, the waiter brought the operator's menu. "Your menu has finally arrived, we hope you enjoy our courtesy," Zed smiled back. "This doesn't look filling enough, I wish the world existed where things were quantity over quality."

"Hmph, beauty is overrated," Chrosa replied, now less agitated.

"Anyway, looks like you'll have to get your own Zenny. I used up all my Zenny for the food. Heh, sorry. And by the looks you're set to go."

"That actually is good news. Just another reason to do more ass kicking," Chrosa said excitedly.

Chrosa was quick to contain his temper. Especially when there is good news. Zed continued to plug the wire into the ethernet port accessed through the tables.

"Jack In, Execute!"

[[Jack In- ~Netopia Square~]]