Netopian Flat

Nikki sat alone in her rather lavish apartment. It was located in an urban part of Netopia, and wasn't bad at all. Especially for a secondary residence. It was just a place for Nikki or her father to stay while in Netopia, and Nikki was currently taking advantage of it.

"Oh Seli," she sighed, flopping back onto the down comforter of her king sized bed. "This sucks. We should do something." She held her PeT above her head, allowing the screen to look down upon her.

"Well, what do you want to do?" Seli replied, without skipping a beat.

Nikki considered the question for a moment. "Well, why don't you head to the NetSquare, and see if there's anything going on on the Net today?" She suggested. "Not like there's anything on the tele. Or anything to do at two in the afternoon."

"Sounds like a plan." Seli said with a smile. "I'll head on out to the NetSquare and see if we can find anything interesting there."

"You know the drill. Jack in, stick to the safe paths. I think I'll take a few moments to rest my eyes. Give me a holler when you get there."

"Sure thing." Seli did as instructed and jacked herself into the network through Nikki's computer, which she left running. It would only be a moment before she appeared on the net.
Seli returned to her PeT, and didn't have much time to do anything else. Nikki, upon registering the successful completion of the Jack-out, was ready to set to work. "Why don't you take a break, alright Seli?" She suggested, as she put her Navi into Sleep Mode.

Seli, once again, didn't have much of a choice. She figured that she did deserve a break. She felt bad for abandoning her new partner. And she got close to wondering why she was being put to Sleep. But dreams wash away worry, and she was immersed in them long before she could question her operator's choice of actions.

Without the watchful eye of her do-goody navi, Nikki felt free to set to work. Seli never had been much of a fighter. This hadn't ever bothered Nikki, mainly because Seli had never had to fight. But seeing now that she was missing out on a valuable opportunity, a chance to relieve some boredom whenever she felt like it, by watching her Navi beat the crud out of a few defenseless viruses, she decided that Seli's flaws needed to be rectified.

Besides, this gave her an excuse to go out and do something fun. Something interesting. Something risky. She knew just what to do first, too. She had spent some time looking into ways to make Seli better, and she decided the best way to increase a Navi's strength was by buying Speed Upgrades.

However, buying things was for people who couldn't get them in better ways. Nikki had ways to do whatever she wanted. People didn't stand in her way, unless they wanted to be crushed.

"And I do enjoy that crushing part." She thought, as she headed to her closet to prepare. "Almost as much as I enjoy getting my way."