That's right, during the last few weeks, those in the Mod-Cave (thanks to all y'all) have been busy revamping the Subtype system, among other things...

What came from that is a much simpler and sensible system!

The new Subtype system, at its simplist, grants a palpable systematic bonus to each Subtype, with NO DRAWBACKS.

In response, Normal also gets its own little bonus...

Stay tuned to this thread for additional details!

Quote (ForteZanzo)

Sword: Emphasizing close-up combat, Sword Navis are often the ones leading the charge, their trusty weapons at their sides.

Wind: Like the gusts they're named after, Wind Navis unleash a torrent of weak attacks, meant to sweep away opponents by the sheer magnitude of strikes.

Cursor: Expert marksmen, Cursor Navis rely on precision and calm.

Break: Demolition experts, Break Navis are slow and ponderous--but their attacks are able to crush almost all ordinary defenses!

Normal: These guys can't seem to make up their minds on what they want to be. However, this gives them a great deal of flexibility, allowing them to adapt to almost any situation!

Recover: Gifted in the art of healing themselves and allies, Recover Navis are able to convert damaging weaponry into restorative tonics.


+ Swordplay: Once per turn, can add a free dodge to 2 consecutive melee attacks.

+Gust: Once per turn, may call up winds to manipulate the position of one object, whether it be the Navi itself, another Navi, a virus, or an object. (No actions).

+ Snipe: Once per turn, can increase the accuracy of a mid-long range attack. (No actions.)

+ Smash: Twice per turn, can add "Breaking" to attack. (1 action.)

+ Untapped power: Once per turn, add (10 + Level/2), rounded down to nearest 5, to TOTAL damage of an attack.

+ Conversion: Able to turn any of their own attacks into a directable heal, the heal restoring an amount equal to the damage (or 50% of dmg if using a chip) of the sacrificed attack. (No additional actions other than actions devoted to attack)