Cue the Spy Song!

Polonius walked through the bustling streets of Netopia, looking at his PET as he looked towards the nearest Jack-in slot. "Hmmm...." he mumbled, loud enough to peak DNR's red eyes towards his Operator.

"Why, what's wrong dear Polonius? Dare I say you have a beetle in your craw?" he devilishly smirked.

"Well, I just think it be better if I wore a mask or something so people don't know who I am...hmm?" he says as he stepped on something. "Interesting... I think this mask will work..." he says as he puts it on, his navi raising an eyebrow.

"So... how do I look?" he says through the feline mask.

"Pfft...... hahahahahahhh! Is-Is.... haaaahahahahahhh... is that a friecking Goodbye Kitty mask!? Geeze, have my jokes finally become truth!? Oohahahahahhhh, just... just friecking slot me in man! Th-this is just too much than any weapon!"

A few grumbles later, the navi gets slot in, laughing all the way.
"Okay... I can finally take this mask off now..." Polonius said as he took off the kitty mask, putting it in his coat as he went to the nearest Metro station, heading towards the Colosseum.