New kid on the block!

Jaden walked around the unfamiliar city.He pulled out his PET and asked his navi,"Do you think we should ask for directions?"

Shadow replied,"Yes, this is the 4th time I've told you.'Just ask for direction, Jaden.'"

Jaden, wanting to shut him up, jacked him into a nearby terminal.
Jaden jacked Shadow out and began walking toward the transit."Do you think we'll ever be able to find them?" Jaden asked to break the silence that was as cold as night.The sun was just beginning to set and he could see it turning orange."The motto Jaden, the motto." Shadow simply replied."Ah, 'Protect freedom no matter the cost.' Sounds a bit dark though doesn't it?" Jaden asked as he zipped up his jacket."We must do whatever it takes Jaden.This world is too cruel to allow anything other." Shadow replied."We especially, the Shadows, must stay hidden due to this world's dark nature." "Well I just hope that we find them soon..." Jaden replied as he headed to ACDC...